How's my Greytastic team?

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Buddah Lovaz
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How's my Greytastic team?

Postby Buddah Lovaz » Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:39 am

12 Team - H2H - 5x5 - Y! $100 pro league.

C Perez
1B Goldschmidt
2B Rutledge
SS Reyes
3B Longoria
OF McCutchen
OF Jennings
OF Pence
UT Hosmer
UT Frazier
BN Gyorko

SP Bumgarner, Zimmerman, Morrow, Lester, Niese, Cahill, Cobb, Teheren, Shelby Miller, Beachy(to be DLd)
RP Casey Janssen, Boggs

My top 10 hitters are in Greys top 110.
My top 5 SPs are in Greys top 110.
End of draft I took fliers on SP.
Closers were drafted much higher than I was willing to so I will attempt to find them during the year.
I should be able to backup every position assuming Gyorko plays 2B.

Is it a team Grey would be proud to call his own?
If you have ideas to improve this team please share!

This isn't the place to post this but how about Greytastic as a glossary term?
For instance a Greytastic Draft would be a team drafted purely based on the drafting rules and rankings our mustachioed leader sets for us to follow. I'll post this where it's supposed to be posted.
12-team - H2H - 5x5 - Yahoo Pro-$250

C Montero
1B Prince
2B Gyorko
3B Longo
SS B-Rad Miller
OF Bruce, Myers, Leonys Martin
UT Pujols
UT Revere
BN Bonifacio

SP Greinke, Tanaka, Moore, Ryu, Gray, Archer, Ventura, Erasmo, Hutchison
CP Soria, Santos, Liindstrom

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Re: How's my Greytastic team?

Postby BigAhnold » Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:14 am

A bit light on power and heavy on SBs. Pitching looks OK - would like a better reliever than Boggs, but you might be able to pick up an RP off waivers.

If Hosmer keeps hitting doubles or does not progress from last year, you are going to have HR problems. Of course Goldschmidt is great, and Longo helps, but Jennings and Pence as OFs could be improved upon - I am not as positive on Pence's HRs as Grey is. You have lots of SBs. I'd look for a chance to trade for a high level slugger - trading Jennings for Holliday might be out of your reach, but perhaps Cespides, BJ Upton, or Harper.

My $0.02. Worth what you paid for it.

NL only, 5x5, 8 team, Roto, keeper
C C Alfaro 1B 2B Hiura SS TTurner 3B EEscobar MI KNewman CI OF Dahl OF Braun OF OF OF UT BN:
P P P GMarquez P P P P P KKela P DeSclafani BN:
Farm: BRodgers, Trammel

AL only, 4x4, 10 team, Roto, keeper
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P P Snell P Kahnle P TMay P FPena P Karinchak P HRobles P P Alvarado

AL+NL, 5x5, 12 team, H2H, keeper
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AL+NL, 5x5, 12 team, Roto, Redraft
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