$100 Legacy RCL 'NotLZ' Has a Few Spots Open!

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$100 Legacy RCL 'NotLZ' Has a Few Spots Open!

Postby jdclevelandfan » Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:49 am

Hey Razzball Forum Folk,

I had a feelin' that someone here had a hankering for a high(er)-stakes RCL, so I wanted to drop all the info to light the path. Now, admittedly, it's quite possible that this 'hankering' I sensed is actually for macaroni and cheese. In which case, I do apologize for the intrusion. Yearnings for high(er)-stakes RCLs and mid-to-high-grade mac 'n' cheese are often very similar, often mistaken for one another, and occasionally intertwined, presumably. It's just nature.

Here are your details:

Night of the Living Zombinos (Year Six on Razzball!)

Buy-In: $100. Payouts: $700, $350, $150.
Draft: Sunday, March 18th @ 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST
Fully RCL compliant, so Fantrax-hosted, daily roto, 3 DLs, etc., etc., you know the drill.

I'm posting here because we have a few spots open this year, and it's REALLY important to us to get good, competitive, Razzball-freaks, who are ready to engage in some top-notch fantasy competition. We want to fill the league by next weekend, but not only that, we want the best. And I figure, if you're visiting the Razzball forums, you're JUST the kinda guy or lady that we could use. That, or you're just here for the macaroni and cheese. Which is entirely possible. And understandable!

And of course, the door is also open for Razzball staff! ;)

If you're up for the challenge, shoot me a line at: jdshultziii@yahoo.com

Best of luck to everyone this season! (And Go Tribe!)


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