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Keeper help

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:17 pm
by chlenko
Any advice for my last 4 keepers?

Re: Keeper help

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 10:24 pm
by abnordmeier
Here's what I'm thinking.

J.Staal,--Yes, I think he's in a position for success. 31 points in 48 games was real nice for a crummy Carolina team. His -18 rating wasn't great but that should get much closer to even in 2013-2014.
J.Markstrom,--No. Florida doesn't have enough offense in front of him. I wouldn't want to keep a goaltender with a GAA over 3.
Hodgson,--Yes, With an upheaval coming in Buffalo, he could be left standing as a top player.
Brunner,--Yes, I like what I saw out of him in the regular season (26 pts, 44 games) and the playoffs (9 pts, 14 games) considering how depressed the Detroit offense was last season.
Weiss,--Yes Consistent proven player with about 60 points in four of the last five full seasons.
Tlusty,--No, he was too inconsistent during the season. And I ran out of yes options.
Bishop,-No I think there's enough depth in goaltending to not keep him. Tampa's offense also allows for weaker goaltenders to succeed. But if this were Bobrovsky....different story there.
Atkinson--No He performs at an adequate level but I'd want to see him get more time (and effectiveness) on the power play before I go in on him.
Grigorenko--No. I wasn't impressed with his play netting just one goal in 25 games. While his age makes him valuable, Buffalo is in quite a bit of flux. If the Sabres potentially lose Vanek and Miller that team is going to be really bad. Hodgson has proven it; Grigorenko hasn't yet.