Keeper Suggestions Needed

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Keeper Suggestions Needed

Postby mcjohnson22 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:13 pm

12 team 8 cat H2H ESPN

We can only keep 3 players each year and the cost to keep is the previous years ADP. My options are below, it's a really tough decision! For the players below I choose not to keep I will definitely be able to get draft picks for them in a trade before the draft as they will be great keepers for another team. Which 3 would you keep? (also I can keep 2 1st rounders they would just take up my first and second round picks)

KD - 1st round
Kawhi - 1st round
Kristaps - 3rd round
Jokic - 4th round
M Turner - 6th round

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