New Dynasty Hoops Startup (H2H, $50 - One Spot Left)

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New Dynasty Hoops Startup (H2H, $50 - One Spot Left)

Postby lukehansen108 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:57 pm

Fantasy Hoops Dueling Society (ONE spot Left)

I'm looking for one owner to fill the last spot in a 16-team dynasty league. I'm looking for serious players to try out a new H2H format, and augment the 8-10 core guys that do a lot of my leagues.

- 16-Team, 8-CAT, H2H, Full Dynasty

- 24-man rosters (12 starters, 12 bench)

- Salary Cap + Contracts

- Starting Year 2, we'll have two divisions of 8-teams (Champions - Top 8 from Year 1; Relegation - Bottom 8 from Year 1).

- At the end of Year 2, two teams from the Relegation Division will be promoted at year-end, with the two worst teams in the Champions Division being demoted.

- Startup Fee (Due upon joining): $100 (covers $50 entry fee for 2019 season, and $50 for your 2020 season).

- After Year 1, the entry fees will be $100 for the Champions Division and $50 for the Relegation Division. Champions Division is allocated $1,000 of the pot, while $200 allocated to the Relegation Division.

- Duel Challenges will start in Year 2. If a team in the Relegation Division meets certain criteria, mostly that they had a better year stat-wise than a Champions Division team, they can challenge the Champions team to a duel in the playoffs. If the challenger wins, they can jump into the Champions Division prize pool, and possibly steal a promotion spot. This is designed to provide a fun mechanic for teams in the Relegation Division that improve quicker than expected. There will of course be penalties for losing a duel challenge, payable to the winning team by the Challenger.

If any of the above sounds like it's up your alley, please post your email address below, or if you'd prefer not to, please PM me your email address, and I'll get in touch with you. I'll shoot you a copy of the Constitution for you to review, and ask you some questions about your fantasy hoops experience. It's a very basic screening process I do for all of the leagues I run, so it's nothing you'll have to study for.

Looking forward to talking with you all.

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