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This Team Needs You for the Rebuild-Fantrax-free

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 1:24 pm
by mnbekato
I have a fantrax dynasty league that is free and competitive. We have one owner who has decided to leave the league. I will say that this team is going to require a considerable rebuild. We have had very little turnover in this league in terms of manager replacements. We all are active on a groupme discussion board specifically for the league.

We are 14 teams, h2h categories (standard categories). We have 30 man minor league rosters and we keep 20 of 26 MLB roster spots. We will be having a 6 round draft this Sunday to refill the 6 roster spots that we don't keep. Here are the links to the team and league settings: ... mubx/rules ... ions=false