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My RCL team...

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:50 am
by micreyes11
I was drafting hung over with no spread sheet, but i did pre-rank my rankings... I had 7th pick... I think i'm light on saves and average but solid nonetheless... I believe my SP's are sexy, maybe too sexy... what do you think Grey/ and fellow Razzballers?

C- G. Soto 24th
1B- J. Votto 1st
2B- H. Kendrick 5th
3B- P. Sandoval 3rd (avg help to balance all the hackers i plan to draft)
SS- A. Escobar 22nd (that night I had a dream of him batting .300 this season)
MI- J. Altuve 19th
CI- M. Reynolds 10th (not too many 40hr threats left in the game)
OF- A. McCutchen 2nd
OF- B.J. Upton 6th
OF- A. Jones 7th
OF- B. Boesch 13th
OF- P. Bourjos 15th
UT- A. Presley 17th
B- S. Rodreguez 23rd (flex, even though he's not very good)
P- Z. Greinke 4th
P- M. Garza 8th
P- B. Beachy 9th
P- J. Haranhan 11th
P- J. Garcia 12th
P- S. Santos 14th
P- G. Holland 16th (idk what i was thinking at this point, hopefully Broxton sucks balls)
P- C. Sale 18th
P- M. Adams 20th
B- V. Worley 21st
B- L. Gregorson 25th (first person to drop)

Re: My RCL team...

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:47 am
by A Hill O' Beans
Good value on Alcides in the 22nd round. Much better than where he went in my RCL, which was the 1st round (the pick after me which was #9 overall)! I can only assume there was some confusion between RCL/Razzball leagues...

Re: My RCL team...

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:53 am
by Bourne
I don't like panda. Also don't like your of5 and util but they are replacable. If you had one more pitcher instead of Garcia I would love your pitching. Not bad. You didn't lose in the draft and that is what is important

Re: My RCL team...

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:57 am
by micreyes11
thanks for the comments...

it's crazy when you taregeting the same players in an RCL and a Razzball league...

i guess i'm a homer, no one that i know seems to like Panda in the 3rd, but i wanted to get a 3b early... i'm not too worried about my OF shituaton, i'm usually pretty good at plucking through the free agent market, but it is my first time in an RCL so we'll see...

any thoughts Grey?