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Postby bost0067 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:59 pm

i'm in a yahoo league with OPS as a category, and i can't say that's as easy as R,HR,RBI,AVG etc. to study up for

can somebody help me out and let me know what a good OPS is, middle of the road, and a number i should be staying away from etc.?
thanks for the help

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Postby Oregon Nut Cups » Wed Mar 09, 2011 1:26 pm

I'm going to quote myself a bit:

http://razzball.com/forums/viewtopic.ph ... hilit=+OBP
OPS levels the playing field a bit in that average becomes a much smaller factor for valuation:

Ichiro/Mauer career OPS: .806/.888 (includes fluky 2009 year)

Uggla/Dunn career OPS: .837/.902

Never rely on average to determine the worth of a player. Ichiro could bat .310, he could bat .360 (just look at the last 3 years). Each player has a range of where they'll typically land BA wise but it's just like ERA for pitchers: once the ball hits the bat, unless it's a HR too many factors come into play. A .280 hitter one year can hit .320 the next. Chances are, they're a .300 hitter with upside and downside depending on their BABIP for the year.
.800 and above is what you want to see

So if Delmon Young only hits .275 this year you are going to see a .750~.780 OPS out of him. Not as useful unless he figures out how to take a walk and ups his OBP to approx .340.

If you want me to look at your team, post the team. Don't post a link to another site where the team is.
Have you given me all the info I need to judge your team? The number of teams in the league is a good start for the big overall questions.
I don't know who's on your waivers. Don't just ask me who you should pick up. Give me names to choose from.
If you only have one team, post your team in your signature with the league parameters.

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