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How'd I fair?

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:24 am
by cws05nuts
So I took a departure from my usual rb/rb approach. Which has been effective in the past. But I wanted to try something new and wanted to go Brady/Moss but was forced to go WR/WR. The only hang up I have is that I could have snagged D Williams in the 1st instead of Fitz. Ok one more hang up I hacked for Cutler really early. Well enough of the blah blah blah - 12 teams standard scoring. Td =6. rb/wr flex. Keeper league (1 franchise - costs 1st rnd pick, 1 transition - lose the pick the round prior to the position you drafted the player, and 1 rookie who you get to keep for free). I also wanted Greene as my rookie but had to settle for Crabtree.

Holy Mega-Fitzgerald-a-trons

QB Jay Cutler, Chi QB
RB Ryan Grant, GB RB
RB Joseph Addai, Ind RB
RB/WR Tim Hightower, Ari RB
WR Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR
WR Calvin Johnson, Det WR
TE Jason Witten, Dal TE
D/ST Chargers D/ST, SD D/ST
K Lawrence Tynes, NYG K
Bench Lee Evans, Buf WR
Bench Earnest Graham, TB RB
Bench Felix Jones, Dal RB
Bench Jerious Norwood, Atl RB
Bench Michael Crabtree, SF WR
Bench Brandon Jackson, GB RB
Bench Chad Pennington, Mia QB

Re: How'd I fair?

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:22 pm
by Doc Holliday
I'm really worried about Addai and Hightower's playing time, especially after midseason when the fantasy playoffs are coming!

I would seriously consider shopping Fitz for a RB and Donald Brown.

Re: How'd I fair?

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:28 am
by cws05nuts
Agreed Doc. Playoffs will be rough with this stable of rb's. One thing going is that their conferences aren't exactly defensive monsters vs. the run. My buddy is huge on Donald Brown because Addai scorched him the previous year. So that will be hard to jockey. In your opinion, what would be fair value for Pierre Thomas based on the team above?

I was reasoning between Hightower/Evans? Is that enough? Or do I have to dangle Fitz? And then would that make sense to roll with Grant/Addai/Thomas and Calvin/Evans?

Re: How'd I fair?

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:17 pm
by The Peoples Champ
i'd suggest trading evans or crabtree for a RB. you're never going to use your backup WR's except on fitz and calvin's bye weeks. evans/crabtree aren't very valuable to you because of how little you'll play them. they'd be much more valuable to a team weak at WR, so look at those teams and find a good RB.

Also, Reggie Bush is going to be given a chance because of all the money invested in him, so i'm hesitant with Thomas. Maybe try Evans and Felix for Thomas?

Re: How'd I fair?

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 5:16 pm
by Doc Holliday
Crabtree's value is nil right now so if you look to trade him wait until after he signs and has some positive reports. Thomas is very good, but has a lot of hype right now. You might look at Kevin Smith to see how much his owner likes him. If the Smith owner has a good TE like a Daniels or Olsen maybe Dangle Witten/Evans for Smith/TE which I think would give you room to negotiate if they were interested. I think people like to get elite TE's in trades more than they like to pick them early!

Re: How'd I fair?

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:59 pm
by YouthofToday
I really, REALLY do not like your RB situation. Grant and Addai are more like RB3s, and the rest of your RBs are borderline rosterable outside of Hightower and Felix Jones.

-Watch out for Wynn in GB -- dude is more talented than Grant and may take over my mid-season.
-Addai has 1 100 yard game in last 21 games or something like that and he is in a dreaded RBBC.
-Hightower only got 2.8 yards per carry last year.
-Start Graham over Hightower IMO.... even consider Evans over Hightower.

1. I would definitely look to move Witten and one of your RBs for an upgrade at RB. You should be able to find a Carlson, Celek type on waivers which is a fine fill in.
2. Drop Brandon Jackson and Crabtree for high upside RBs that may be on waiver wire (Wynn, Maroney (massive upside as he's healthy and potential to be the man), Jamaal Charles, Ladell Betts, James Davis).

Re: How'd I fair?

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:10 pm
by cws05nuts
Ok preseason trade action. Heeded yalls advice and upgraded at rb.

I sent: Witten, Grant, Felix Jones, and Lee Evans

Received: Slaton, Bush, and Winslow

So the new squad is:

qb: Cutler
Rb: Slaton
Rb: Bush
Flex: Addai
WR: Fitz
WR: Megatron
Te: Winslow
Dst: Chargers
K: Carney

B: Graham
B: Hightower
B: Steve Smith
B: Norwood
B: Maclin
B: Chad Pennington
B: Colts dst