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Roster help!

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:23 am
by citizen5
(I posted this question to the Week 12 Rankings thread as well. Thanks in advance.)

Jay, can you help me with some roster decisions? Here’s my lineup below:

QB Newton
RB Peterson
RB Yeldon
WR Megatron
WR Allen
TE Rodgers
FL Langford

RB West
RB Ware
RB Blue
RB Bradshaw
RB Starks
RB White
WR Amendola
WR Cooper
WR Cobb
My problem is such. If both West and Amendola are listed as questionable or out I can put them on the IR spot this weekend. I haven’t heard anything from the NFL yet.
If they are listed as Probable or are activated then I have two players that I must drop prior to tomorrow morning’s game. Which two would you choose from the list above?
Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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