WW help for 5-3 team

Start, sit, who to acquit? My QB just lost a finger, wuss, who should I pick up?
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WW help for 5-3 team

Postby Titan » Tue Oct 28, 2014 12:12 pm

I'm 5-3 due in part to some schedule luck.

12 tm, No PPR, with deep benches (24 man rosters)

Time to cut bait with Stacy and/or Crowell on this squad?

I feel like buying a lottery ticket with Sims, Randle and/or Blue right now in hopes of having a solid #2/flex at some point.

It's pretty obvious Stacy is going to do nothing for me. His only plus was volume, and now it would take Mason and Cunningham going down for that. Stl RB schedule is terrible too.

I grabbed Crowell when Cle was rocking but without Mack the OL is playing poorly. Maybe they just need a few more weeks to gel. Cle RB schedule is sweet if Crowell could somehow get back into it.

I may need to cut one of them for a scrub TE this week too....was hoping Gates would get older, faster this year.

Best of the WW for this week:
RB: Sims, Randle, Blue, Gray(same as Stacy in my mind)

QB: Luck
RB: Forte, McFadden, SJax, Helu(potential keeper for late pick), DeAngelo, Stacy, Crowell
WR: AJ Green, Wallace, Andre Johnson, R. Randle, M. Evans
TE: J. Cameron, L.Green(Potential keeper for late pick)
K: Hauschka
DL: Quinn, Dunlap
LB: Levy, J. Collins
DB: Reshad Jones, Barron
10 TM WEEKLY HTH $$ Yahoo 6x6 (most categories gets 1 win) each week
(RUN, HR, RBI, AVE, NetSB and OPS)
(1) C:
(1) 1B: Albombso
(1) 2B:
(1) SS:
(1) 3B:
(3) OF: Acuna
(2) UT:
(0-2) DL:

(WIN, SAVE, ERA, WHIP, K's and HOLDS) (20-IP min)
(3) SP:
(3) RP:
(2) P:

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