Trade for RB

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Trade for RB

Postby buckfever1974 » Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:36 am


PPR 12 Team League

Had the worst luck with RB picks but these are the guys on my current roster...

Rice, Sproles, Spiller, Richardson, Jennings & Donald Brown to back up Richardson. Ugly as sin...not to mention that we drafted David Wilson and dropped him already.

Conversly, we had good luck with WRs.

Thinking about making a trade for Andre brown, RB, for the Giants. Andre Brown during the playoff weeks has @SD, SEA, @DET.

Our WRs are

Gordon (CLE) - @NE, Vs CHI, @NYJ
K. Allen (SD) - NYG, @DEN, OAK
Hilton (IND) - @CIN, HOU, @KC
J. Nelson (GB) - ATL, @DAL, PIT
A. Johnson (HOU) - @JAC, @IND, DEN

I think Gordon based on match-ups and who his QB is is probably the first one to offer up. I would think A. Johnson is a must keep as is Nelson (assuming Rodgers will be back by then). Hilton probably has the most value but with exception of Houston has bad match-ups. He is the #1 guy there though.

What would be your first choices or is it not worth Andre Brown? You look at my RBs and you can see my frustration.

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Re: Trade for RB

Postby Sky » Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:16 pm

They're fair trades but you should set your sights higher with those WRs. Brown is good but just an RB2 overall. I'm not as down on Gordon as others are.
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