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Throwing down the RCL Gauntlet

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:57 pm
by universalsea
Greetings, Razzballers.

You might remember me from being the pain in the ass reminding about 2 DL spots the past few years.

I am posting to recruit some legit competition in the RCL year ahead.

This will be my 5th RCL year, and I've been a commissioner of 4 leagues.

I've finished 2nd a pair of times, 3rd once, and 4th once (my second team when I ran 2 teams, a few years ago). I've won a couple of private money leagues and regularly finish in the top 3-4 here in Australia.

Last year I finally won my first RCL..

However, my teams don't seem to finish in the top master standings, seemingly due to diminishing participation by certain managers each season. So, our overall league rank goes down the pooper, and the excellent teams I play against don't receive their fair credit.

I've set up a league for 2017, but before I release the password, I would like to throw it out there to committed managers who will vow to play the season through with pride, even if they're not having a great year. Maybe you and a friend can tag team.

If you're up for a competitive league, committing from the draft through the 162 games, we'd love to have you in BATTAMANIA.

Men, women, gifted children, transgenders, crafty mammals of all description, are encouraged and welcome to participate.

Draft is Wednesday March 29th at 8pm ET / 5pm PT / 11am Melbourne/Sydney (on the Thursday morning). Those hoping for Burning Man tickets, this is a few hours after tickets go on sale. ... sonId=2017 (password coming to those possessing particular OOMPH)

Thanks for your time.

Sea Dog

ps - Razzball Inc - I may stop by your office with a magic package for your excellent staff when on my world travels this year. You will like it. Pz.

Re: Throwing down the RCL Gauntlet

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:31 pm
by universalsea
An (RCL) update...

Only 5 slots left.

Thanks for the interest and personal requests so far. This is looking like a solid league in 2017.