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Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 1:13 pm
by VinWins
Sunday, September 4

Ralph Lifshitz (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts) ... sonId=2016

19/52 (.365) - 11 Runs/5 HR/16 RBI/0 SB

28.2 IP - 1 Win/19 K/2.20/0.98/1 Save

Daily Leaders
24 Hits: Dock's Dealers (FCL)
.487 Ave.: Extended Training (The Third Greatest)
17 Runs: Rougie Says Knock You Out (The Heat Is On)
7 HR: The Cream and the Clear (The Balking Dead), Rougie Says Knock You Out (The Heat Is On)
23 RBI: Rougie Says Knock You Out (The Heat Is On)
6 SB: You had to make it weird (Nico Sux Dico)

33 K: NY Sturgeon King (Enemies of Beddict), Rube Waddells Shiny Objects (Summer of 69)
3 Wins: Kid A (FCL), Mully Gann III (HodgePadres 'R' Us)Space Cadet (Muscle Car Fanatics), Team Bender (RCL 1000), Archer Was Killing Me! (Talkin' Baseball), F0rce Ch0ke (In October) (The Force Awakens)
4 Saves: Vin Raines (RCL 1000), There is no Three (RCL Lords of the Diamond), Vin Rockies (Razzball Riverboat)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:11 am
by VinWins
Monday, September 5

Butterfly Pimp (DFSers Anonymous) ... sonId=2016

23/47 (.489) - 13 Runs/7 HR/11 RBI/3 SB

26.2 IP - 1 Win/30 K/4.39/1.05/2 Saves

Daily Leaders
23 Hits: Whipping Boys (HodgePadres 'R' Us), Butterfly Pimp (DFSers Anonymous)
.489 Ave.: Butterfly Pimp (DFSers Anonymous)
16 Runs: Wellington Phoenix (Center Field)
9 HR: Calgary Cannons (Razzballero1)
17 RBI: Up North (Mortals Vs. Beddict), Team mack (The Third Greatest)
4 SB: Iso Topes (Enemies of Beddict), Backdoor Sliders 1 (FCL), Harper Bullies (Night of the Living Zombinos), There is no Three (RCL Lords of the Diamond)

36 K: Tark's Runnin Rebels (Oscar's Gambling on this League)
4 Wins: Chicken Shack (American Dream)
3 Saves: Unfitness Models (Original Recipe 2016)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:17 pm
by VinWins
Tuesday, September 6

The Road Warrior (League Of Shadows) ... sonId=2016

18/55 (.327) - 11 Runs/7 HR/22 RBI/1 SB

19.2 IP - 1 Win/22 K/3.66/1.37/2 Saves

Daily Leaders
22 Hits: Retro Vertigo (ECFBL), Milo the Cat (Night of the Living Zombinos), Vegan Pizza Party (That'll do Puig)
.467 Ave.: HIPPO RULES (Original Recipe 2016)
15 Runs: Creative Chaos (ECFBL), Rigolets Specks (That'll do Puig)
7 HR: It Went All Wong (All Summer Long), Snitches Get Stitches (American Dream), Matt Truss223 (DFSers Anonymous), The Road Warrior (League Of Shadows), Milo the Cat (Night of the Living Zombinos)
22 RBI: The Road Warrior (League Of Shadows)
4 SB: Sackville Heart and Skoal (Matt Stairs' Fantasy Review)

36 K: Johnny Utahs (Great Knocks)
2 Wins: Monsters of Butt Rock (Fountains of Ralph), The Beastman (Night of the Living Zombinos), Kid A (Original Recipe 2016), S'All Goooood, Man (Razzballero1), Team bollinger (That'll do Puig), Slammers Slam (The Greatest), Jets Dynasty (The Heat Is On)
4 Saves: Team Swearengen (Emasculating Throat Lozenges), Schoop B4 Odor (Razzball Commenter League Max), Calgary Cannons (Razzballero1), Bunt Holes (Razzballero2)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:01 am
by VinWins
Wednesday, September 7

Team harris (The Third Greatest) ... sonId=2016

19/48 (.396) - 8 Runs/6 HR/10 RBI/0 SB

12.1 IP - 1 Win/15 K/2.19/0.65/3 Saves

Daily Leaders
22 Hits: Bklyn Zoo (Emasculating Throat Lozenges), Team wmosko (Sons Of Sparky Anklebiter 2)
.487 Ave.: Creative Chaos (ECFBL)
12 Runs: drunc orks (Nico Sux Dico), Team Rogers (Take on the JayWrong 1), Team Codo (Towering Inferno)
6 HR: Man or Stroman? (Effectively Hide my Thunder), Team YAGER (Straight BESTBUY Homie), Kentucky Christians (The Greatest), Team harris (The Third Greatest)
13 RBI: Bklyn Zoo (Emasculating Throat Lozenges), Kenny Powers (RCL Razz)
4 SB: No Pepper Games (Chicks Dig The Razzballing)

39 K: Team Wang (Take on the JayWrong 3)
4 Wins: Hockey Withdrawals (The Viz vs. The Commenters)
5 Saves: Team Dalmore (Robust Herd), - Bo Knows - (Sultans of Swat)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2016 4:29 pm
by VinWins
Thursday, September 8

Fatuous Jeffreys (Cougs R Us) ... sonId=2016

13/32 (.406) - 9 Runs/3 HR/11 RBI/3 SB

14.0 IP - 1 Win/10 K/2.57/1.14/0 Saves

Daily Leaders
20 Hits: You had to make it weird (Nico Sux Dico)
.550 Ave.: Buehrle Legal (Mortals Vs. Beddict)
14 Runs: El Macho Borracho (ECFBL), Dr. Gonzo ESQ (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts)
5 HR: InDaButt UpchuckYoMouth (12 Monkeys Clicking), Dr. Gonzo ESQ (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts), Team A (Rosterbators Anonymous), Probably will Finsh last (Summer of 69), Team Goetz (Take on the JayWrong 3)
14 RBI: You had to make it weird (Nico Sux Dico)
3 SB: Fatuous Jeffreys (Cougs R Us)

23 K: Butte Invaders (High Heat)
3 Wins: Butte Invaders (High Heat)
2 Saves: 19 teams

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2016 12:13 pm
by VinWins
Friday, September 9

Tenth Man Out (Hey Ladies! Get Funky) ... sonId=2016

18/46 (.391) - 11 Runs/5 HR/10 RBI/1 SB

29.0 IP - 2 Wins/26 K/1.86/0.97/2 Saves

Daily Leaders
21 Hits: * Schoop's Poops (Robust Herd)
.462 Ave.: Team Crapsack (The Greatest)
15 Runs: Unfitness Models (Original Recipe 2016), Big Magoo (Razzballero1)
7 HR: Team C (American Dream)
17 RBI: Team C (American Dream), Light Tower Power (Nico Sux Dico)
5 SB: The Cream and the Clear (Fountains of Ralph)

38 K: Get You Some Nucky (South Side Titans)
3 Wins: Beddict the Elder of Elders, Fowler? I Barely Know Her, Team Frost, Dumble deGroms, Anyone But Clinton, Ricky's Still The Best, Monsters of Butt Rock, I Was Saying Booher, Rougned O'Ghul, Wachati Village Devil Birds, Pop's Team, Chavez Ravine, Team McLeod, Roswell Grays
4 Saves: SWALLOW MY NUT (All Summer Long),
T 1000 (RCL 1000),
Schoop - a - doop (RCL FIPping the Bird 2016),
Vin Rockies (Razzball Riverboat),
Calgary Cannons (Razzballero1),
SWALLOW MY NUT (Saskatchewan)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:30 am
by VinWins
Saturday, September 10

florida cardinals (Stream or die!) ... sonId=2016

22/52 (.423) - 10 Runs/2 HR/14 RBI/1 SB

21.2 IP - 2 Wins/23 K/0.83/0.46/0 Saves

Daily Leaders
21 Hits: florida cardinals (Stream or die!)
.447 Ave.: Team Boyle (Prospecter Ralph's Cavern), Grand Salami Time (Sultans of Swat)
15 Runs: Chicken Shack (American Dream), Vin and Lynette (JB's RCL)
8 HR: 65 Ford Mustangs (Muscle Car Fanatics)
17 RBI: Jenrry Mejia Defense Fund (Baba Booey)
4 SB: Baseball Cougar (Night of the Living Zombinos)

26 K: 99 Problems Pitch Ain't One (Take on the JayWrong #4)
3 Wins: Strange Brew (Opening Day)
3 Saves: Deuce Caboose,
Team Dalmore,
Butterfly Pimp,
NY Sturgeon King,
ExtremeMakeover Ploop Edition,
Unfitness Models,
Schoop - a - doop,
Team Albright,
Calgary Cannons,
Bullet Club Elite,
Bana cek,
Downtown Blunts,
Team Riese,
A**y's Fish Fry

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:02 pm
by VinWins
Sunday, September 11

Big Magoo (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts) ... sonId=2016

13/43 (302) - 9 Runs/3 HR/7 RBI/2 SB

35.2 IP - 4 Wins/31 K/2.02/0.93/0 Saves

Daily Leaders
21 Hits: ISLANDERS FAN BOBBY (Take on the Jaywrong 5)
.463 Ave.: Mr Robot (Cougs R Us)
14 Runs: Grow Up PeterPan (HodgePadres 'R' Us)
7 HR: Straight Outta Omaha (All Summer Long), Grow Up PeterPan (HodgePadres 'R' Us), Team BOBBY (Saskatchewan)
15 RBI: Straight Outta Omaha (All Summer Long), Pete Browning's Bats (ECFBL)
3 SB: Ryan Howards Backfat, Vin and Angela, Team Sheridan, I'm Batman, Sackville Heart and Skoal, Light Tower Power, High Cheese, Johnny Utahs, Ecto-Cooler Green, The other half, Team MrWolf

38 K: Half the Diet (Razzball Riverboat)
4 Wins: Over-Nite Sensation (League Of Shadows), Big Magoo (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts), Elkhorn Kingpins (Take on the JayWrong 1)
4 Saves: Hoboken Squat Cobblers (Diickin Around), Poe Dameron (The Force Awakens), Slammers Slam (The Greatest)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:34 am
by VinWins
Monday, September 12

Team Schumacher (HodgePadres 'R' Us) ... sonId=2016

16/51 (.314) - 12 Runs/3 HR/10 RBI/1 SB

25.0 IP - 2 Wins/21 K/2.16/0.52/0 Saves

Daily Leaders
24 Hits: J B (JB's RCL)
.500 Ave.: Team Schmidt (Play with FOH)
15 Runs: Yard Sale (Center Field), Team Rogers (DeadPool), Team Longfellow (Take on the JayWrong 3), Nurdgeekistan Websites (Talkin' Baseball)
7 HR: The Warlord (High Heat), Half the Diet (Razzball Riverboat), Bedford Cougarbait (Smoke Show)
17 RBI: The Warlord (High Heat)
3 SB: @StatsR_ Us (All Hail Beddict Tha God), CarCar GoGo (Effectively Hide my Thunder)

31 K: Johnny Utahs (FOHs Fantasy Funride), Ground Control (Nico Sux Dico), Vinegar Ross (Towering Inferno)
3 Wins: CronMaikels of Redd1ck (Albright's
3 Saves: The Iron Horse (Gettin Frisky), David's Gay Midgets (Sultans of Swat)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2016 8:12 am
by VinWins
Tuesday, September 13

Team BabyMonkeyPuppy (The Heat Is On) ... sonId=2016

16/53 (.302) - 7 Runs/5 HR/10 RBI/0 SB

16.2 IP - 2 Wins/17 K/1.62/0.66/1 Save

Daily Leaders
21 Hits: Smoke Show (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts)
.550 Ave.: Shop Smart Shop S Marte (Hey Ladies! Get Funky)
15 Runs: Smoke Show (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts)
7 HR: 1.21 Gigawatts (American Dream), Smoke Show (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts), - Bo Knows - (Sultans of Swat)
14 RBI: Team Paslick (Rosterbators Anonymous), DHARMA Initiative (The Third Greatest)
5 SB: Jersey Moose (DriHeat), I Was Saying Booher (Hey Ladies! Get Funky), Schenectady Seam Stitchers (Opening Day), Team Max (Razzball Commenter League Max), Lucky Number (Take on the JayWrong 3)

40 K: Vindaloo Ross (RCL Lords of the Diamond)
3 Wins: Vin Royals (American Dream), Vin Reigns (Baba Booey), Vin Rockies (Razzball Riverboat), Vin Reds (The Third Greatest)
3 Saves: A Python Named Glycon (Albright's,
The Boozgenie (Be About Yo' Paper),
Reverse Cowgill (Enemies of Beddict),
The People's Champ (High Heat),
Llama Taboot Taboot (The Viz vs. The Commenters)