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Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:54 pm
by VinWins
Thursday, August 25

Backdoor Sliders 1 (FCL) ... sonId=2016

13/44 (.295) - 6 Runs/2 HR/13 RBI/0 SB

19.0 IP - 2 Wins/20 K/0.00/0.26/1 Save

Daily Leaders
18 Hits: Cuban DonkyCorns (Grey haired sack o balls), Scratch and Spit (South Side Titans), 99 Problems Pitch Ain't One (Take on the JayWrong #4)
.450 Ave.: Team Meeks (2016 Shades of Grey)
13 Runs: Hoogs Your Daddy (RCL FIPping the Bird 2016)
4 HR: Hickory Tree Knecks, kumamoto expungers, P Nutz!, Up North, Marte Par-Tay, Team GALIC, Schandler's List, Brooklyn Bridegrooms, Adamantium General II, The other half, Team Quintus, Chernobyl Radhots, Scherzer?? Ihardlyknowher
14 RBI: Team Riner Riverboat Fantasy)
5 SB: Florida Dude, The People's Champ, The Strongest, Vin and Hilda, Dusty BagTagger, Jacobim Mugatu, Socrates' Burrito, Vin and Jackie

36 K: TEAM BROKEBACK III (Emasculating Throat Lozenges)
3 Wins: Golden Sombreros (12 Monkeys Clicking), The Gossage Nerd Rage (Matt Stairs' Fantasy Review), Team MrWolf (Mighty Minions), Brooklyn Bridegrooms (Razzamatazzberry League), Team Max (Razzball Commenter League Max)
3 Saves: Team Redknapp (12 Monkeys Clicking), Vin Rains (Opening Day), Vin Raines (RCL 1000), florida cardinals (Stream or die!)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 7:07 am
by VinWins
Friday, August 26

Tark's Runnin Rebels (Oscar's Gambling on this League) ... sonId=2016

15/45 (.333) - 11 Runs/5 HR/10 RBI/2 SB

24.0 IP - 2 Wins/27 K/2.25/0.83/0 Saves

Daily Leaders
24 Hits: Big Magoo (Razzballero1)
.556 Ave.: Fiery Blowholes (2016 Shades of Grey)
14 Runs: El Macho Borracho (ECFBL), Backdoor Sliders 1 (FCL), Light Tower Power (Nico Sux Dico), Pusillanimous Pygmys (Prospecter Ralph's Cavern), Thomaston Herbivore Club (Prospecter Ralph's Cavern), Brooklyn Bridegrooms (Razzamatazzberry League), Vin Rests (Talkin' Baseball)
6 HR: Vin and Angela, El Macho Borracho, Diamond Dragons, Stinky Doo Doo, Light Tower Power, Team GALIC, Pusillanimous Pygmys, Thomaston Herbivore Club, Vin Raines, Vin and Jackie, Team H8TR
21 RBI: Team GALIC (Play with FOH)
4 SB: Arizona Tumbleweeds (All Summer Long), Go West Young Dragon (Brave Frontier), Team mack (The Third Greatest), Prêt à Frapper (Trout Mask Replica)

46 K: TEAM BROKEBACK III (Emasculating Throat Lozenges)
4 Wins: ThrowTheHeat Meat (ECFBL), King's Court (Fountains of Ralph)
3 Saves: Team Redknapp (12 Monkeys Clicking),
SWALLOW MY NUT (All Summer Long),
Random Italicised Team (Dropped Third Strike),
King's Court (Fountains of Ralph),
The People's Champ (High Heat),
Stinky Doo Doo (Muscle Car Fanatics),
Hopslam IIPA (S.A.G.N.O.F. A B@tch!),
Team D (Summer of 69),
kumamoto basashi (The Force Awakens)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:16 am
by VinWins
Saturday, August 27

Roll AJ N Burnett (Baba Booey) ... sonId=2016

22/49 (.449) - 12 Runs/8 HR/20 RBI/0 SB

9.0 IP - 0 Wins/9 K/2.00/1.33/1 Save

Daily Leaders
23 Hits: M@'s First (The Greatest)
.488 Ave.: Team Rivard (The Third Greatest)
18 Runs: Vin Rains (Opening Day)
9 HR: Vindictive Ross (Grey haired sack o balls), Jacobim Mugatu (Sons Of Sparky Anklebiter 2)
20 RBI: Roll AJ N Burnett (Baba Booey)
4 SB: Chicken Shack (American Dream), F. FREEMAN'S WRIST (Grey haired sack o balls), Team Sullivan (Rosterbators Anonymous), Vegan Pizza Party (That'll do Puig)

26 K: Michigan OLDNAVY (RCL 1000), Vinspired Ross (Smoke Show)
3 Wins: FREE DRAKE LAROCHE (BATTAMANIA), I'm Batman (DFSers Anonymous), Militant Vegans (FOHs Fantasy Funride)Team Dalmore (Riverboat Fantasy)
4 Saves: Don't Ignore The Balls (Play with FOH), Sano Chance In Hell (Razzballero2)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 7:49 am
by VinWins
Sunday, August 28

Straight Outta Omaha (All Summer Long) ... sonId=2016

16/52 (.308) - 12 Runs/5 HR/8 RBI/1 SB

17.2 IP - 2 Wins/14 K/1.53/0.96/2 Saves

Daily Leaders
23 Hits: The Great Knoche (FCL)
.455 Ave.: Le Gao (Dropped Third Strike)
15 Runs: cardinals # ! (Razzballero2)
8 HR: Team Feller (RCL 1000)
16 RBI: Team Sullivan (Sons Of Sparky Anklebiter 2)
4 SB: Poe Dameron (The Force Awakens)

36 K: Johnny Utahs (FCL)
3 Wins: Johnny Utahs (FCL), Schandler's List (RCL Lords of the Diamond)
3 Saves: Team maxwell,
Deuce Caboose,
Kid A,
Prague Defenestrators,
The People's Champ,
Team Mozzie,
Tehol Tossed My Salad,
Colon Bartolow,
Capital Offense,
Altuving !,
Calgary Cannons,
Vin Spins,
Mongoose Eats my Snake

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 9:54 am
by VinWins
Monday, August 29

Vincible Ross (DriHeat) ... sonId=2016

20/59 (.339) - 10 Runs/3 HR/17 RBI/1 SB

16.2 IP - 2 Wins/16 K/1.62/0.78/2 Saves

Daily Leaders
21 Hits: J B (JB's RCL)
.548 Ave.: Manchester Maniacs (Stream or die!)
13 Runs: Kid A (Original Recipe 2016), Viz Nasty (The Viz vs. The Commenters)
6 HR: My Friggin Back Hurts (FCL)
17 RBI: Vincible Ross (DriHeat)
4 SB: Cooperstown Dreams (Nico Sux Dico), Schandler's List (RCL Lords of the Diamond), Fantasy Baseball Vision (S.A.G.N.O.F. A B@tch!), Team Cruz (The Greatest)

34 K: kumamoto basashi (The Force Awakens)
3 Wins: The People's Champ (Be About Yo' Paper), Wiffleball Master (Chicks Dig The Razzballing), Na' Chocha (FCL), Team Albright (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts), Rube Waddells Shiny Objects (Summer of 69), Unleash the McCutchen (Take on the Jaywrong 5), kumamoto basashi (The Force Awakens)
3 Saves: Team D (Summer of 69), kumamoto basashi (The Force Awakens)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 7:31 am
by VinWins
Tuesday, August 30

Fargo Baseball Confederacy (Razzball Lurkers) ... sonId=2016

13/48 (.271) - 9 Runs/4 HR/12 RBI/1 SB

19.0 IP - 3 Wins/21 K/2.37/0.68/2 Saves

Daily Leaders
23 Hits: Mr. Big and Bud Goode (That'll do Puig)
.512 Ave.: Mully Gann III (HodgePadres 'R' Us)
12 Runs: Legion of Doom (Baba Booey), Nine Pound Hammer (ECFBL)
7 HR: Nine Pound Hammer (ECFBL)
16 RBI: LEFT SHARK (Sultans of Swat)
4 SB: You had to make it weird (Nico Sux Dico)

30 K: Team carl (Razzball Riverboat)
3 Wins: A Python Named Glycon
Team Levy
Gudd Babip's
Ra'zbahl Al Ghul
Kluber Lang
I Was Saying Booher
Backdoor Sliders 2
Hank The Tank
Team Feldbush
Rudy Gamble
Fargo Baseball Confederacy
Maxwell Smart
Jets Dynasty
Vintage Ross
4 Saves: Mickey's Maulerz (Dropped Third Strike)
Detroit Jive Turkeys (Mighty Minions)
Maggot Brain (My Church)
The Strongest (Prospecter Ralph's Cavern)
Get You Some Nucky (South Side Titans)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:13 pm
by VinWins
Wednesday, August 31

Team Team (The Greatest) ... sonId=2016

11/49 (.224) - 6 Runs/4 HR/9 RBI/0 SB

41.1 IP - 3 Wins/39 K/1.52/1.23/1 Save

Daily Leaders
22 Hits: Vin Spins (Saskatchewan)
.460 Ave.: Balking Tall (High Heat)
15 Runs: Calmer Than You Are (Dropped Third Strike), The K Giles Band (Gettin Frisky), Team Albright (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts), Pa Ingalls (Razzball Lurkers), Team Chang (Stream or die!)
6 HR: Gudd Babip's (American Dream), Money Ballers (Diickin Around), Captain Jnarlsberg (Razzamatazzberry League), It's Cole Up There (The Balking Dead)
20 RBI: Money Ballers (Diickin Around)
6 SB: Jersey Moose (DriHeat)

46 K: Johnny Utahs (FCL)
3 Wins: Adamantium General V (Albright's, Vincible Ross (DriHeat), Kid A (FCL), Macho Martes (RCL Razz), Bananas and Blow (Riverboat Fantasy), Cleveland Ball Eight (South Side Titans), Vin Rocks (Summer of 69), The Sinkholes (That'll do Puig), Team Team (The Greatest)
4 Saves: Rudy is Booty (Baba Booey), Wacha Wacha (Towering Inferno)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 7:22 am
by VinWins
Thursday, September 1

Team Team (The Greatest) ... sonId=2016

11/25 (.440) - 9 Runs/3 HR/8 RBI/3 SB

6.0 IP - 1 Win/3 K/4.50/0.67/0 Saves

Daily Leaders
12 Hits: Vin and Lynette (JB's RCL), Team Albright (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts), Vinspired Ross (Smoke Show)
.476 Ave.: Vinny Hit And Run (Play with FOH)
9 Runs: Vindictive Ross (Grey haired sack o balls), Team Team (The Greatest)
4 HR: CP Winos (Albright's, Vin and Jackie (Stream or die!)
10 RBI: Team herve (Mighty Minions), Too Much Tuna (Razzballero1), Vin and Jackie (Stream or die!)
3 SB: Pettygrove's Penny (12 Monkeys Clicking), Samuel Colt Debate Team (DFSers Anonymous), Odin's Virulent Man Beard (FCL), * Sucka Free Murp (My Church), Pusillanimous Pygmys (Prospecter Ralph's Cavern), Hot Rats with Lumpy Gravy (Rosterbators Anonymous), Daddy Bullpens (Smoke Show), Blithering Idiots (Take on the JayWrong 1), Team Mayers (That'll do Puig), Team Team (The Greatest)

15 K: Railing Kill (Gettin Frisky)
2 Wins: Johnny Utahs (FOHs Fantasy Funride), Harper Bullies (Night of the Living Zombinos), M@'s Second (The Second Greatest)
2 Saves: Vin Rolls
Matt Truss223
What'syateam Gottadowitme?
ExtremeMakeover Ploop Edition
Butte Invaders
Team Lyon
Mordecai Brown Baggers
Cruz it or lose it
Team B
Team A
Adamantium General I
My Mustache Has A Mustache
Channel 4 News Team
F0rce Ch0ke (In October)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:38 am
by VinWins
Friday, September 2

Pa Ingalls (Razzball Lurkers) ... sonId=2016

16/46 (.348) - 15 Runs/4 HR/14 RBI/3 SB

22.1 IP - 1 Win/25 K/1.61/1.03/1 Save

Daily Leaders
26 Hits: The Warlord (High Heat)
.487 Ave.: Mink's Kids (Fountains of Ralph)
18 Runs: The Warlord (High Heat)
6 HR: D.B Cooper (DriHeat), Mully Gann III (HodgePadres 'R' Us), Spalding Language! (My Church)
21 RBI: Schenectady Seam Stitchers (Opening Day)
6 SB: The Grand Dudapest Hotel (Cougs R Us), D.B Cooper (DriHeat), Kentucky Chompers (Effectively Hide my Thunder), The Property Don (FOHs Fantasy Funride), Ithaca Rage (RCL Lords of the Diamond), Antonio Brown's Boomin Bloodflo (Razzballero1), Team Lion (South Side Titans), Throwing Bullets (Talkin' Baseball)

33 K: Hotcorner Al (Matt Stairs' Fantasy Review)
3 Wins: Will Graham (12 Monkeys Clicking), Team maxwell (Brave Frontier), The Iron Horse 2 (Emasculating Throat Lozenges), Kid A (FCL), Team maxwell (HodgePadres 'R' Us), Vin Raines (RCL 1000), Wiffle Trash (Sultans of Swat), Team BabyMonkeyPuppy (The Heat Is On), Witchita Hooters (Trout Mask Replica)
4 Saves: CP Winos (Albright's

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:46 am
by VinWins
Saturday, September 3

Hail HYDRA (Rosterbators Anonymous) ... sonId=2016

18/43 (.419) - 13 Runs/5 HR/14 RBI/0 SB

27.1 IP - 2 Wins/15 K/2.96/0.91/1 Save

Daily Leaders
25 Hits: Schoop B4 Odor (Razzball Commenter League Max), Poe Dameron (The Force Awakens)
.583 Ave.: 702 Ponz (Razzball Riverboat)
19 Runs: Samuel Colt Debate Team (DFSers Anonymous)
8 HR: Poe Dameron (The Force Awakens)
18 RBI: Poe Dameron (The Force Awakens)
6 SB: Frito Banditos (FOHs Fantasy Funridel)

37 K: Bunt Holes (Razzballero2)
4 Wins: Vinspired Ross (Smoke Show)
3 Saves: kumamoto banpeiyu (Diickin Around), Cram It (FCL), Thomaston Herbivore Club (Prospecter Ralph's Cavern), - Bo Knows - (Sultans of Swat)