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Razzball Commenters League, Vol. ?

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 7:15 pm
by p0rk burn
I lost count of the volumes its been so long. Cruisin' is starting to feel the - dare I say it - (p0rk) burn. At this point it appears to be a two team race. To be frank I've been more concerned about her points on a day to day basis than my own performance. No offense Cruisin', but I think my team is treading water while the Cruisin' KCs slowly drown. As of this post the gap is only 6 points.

In other news, IowaCubs apparently has saved enough face by leaving last place that Rod Beck is back in his trailer. Good work, the mullet-wearing-handlebar-moustached-hero-to-all-men would be proud of you. Even if I'm not. Nah I'm kidding, you're a great guy.

Good luck down the stretch everybody. For your sake you better hope I don't pull off this comeback because I'm sure after half a season of p0rk you would prefer to read somebody else's commentary. I also do better when people are rooting against me.
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I'm Your Huckleberry - Chet/Doc
Cruisin' KCs - CruisinKc
Dogs of Summer - BSA
Rustic Trumpets - Hank/downpat75
The Schmohawks - Bob
Cocky's Ballas - CockyPhoenix
Chicago's Dick Harden - EndlessSummer
Indifferent Fielders - BaronVonVulturewins
Sandlot's Finest - Chase
No Glove No Love. - Off-White
RodBeck's DoubleWide - IowaCubs
BFH - BigFatHippo (and that F doesn't stand for Fat)
Salty F. Biscuits - SaltyBiscuits
She Said...Fukudome - BJ
The Job Squad - KarlJ
Bacon Bits - p0rk burn

Re: Razzball Commenters League, Vol. ?

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 7:49 pm
by Grey
Thanks for the update.

Wasn't Sandlot (Chase) in second like last week? What happened there?

Also, it's pretty impressive you're doing so well with such a dearth of HRs. Meantime, Cruisin's barely holding in some categories that are easily screwed up (WHIP, ERA, OPS). It's going to be a fight, for sure.

Re: Razzball Commenters League, Vol. ?

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 8:04 pm
by p0rk burn
The lack of homerun power became apparent a week or two after the draft. I didn't see any players available for fair trades but after some of the deals that went down I realized I should have been playing "Ill give you whats in my left pocket for Carlos Pena - Surprise! its lint!".

I have to say it has worked out remarkably well. The sluggers that don't cost you in other categories, like average, are pretty much the first rounders. The players that contribute everywhere else, on the other hand, can be found all over the wire. You'd probably laugh at my roster if I showed you what I was doing this with. I like to keep things light:
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I must say its not as amusing as it was when Loretta was filling in for me. Marcum has been dead weight for most of his time on the fighting Bacon Bits but thats ok because I'm sitting at +8 IP right now.The Indians-Dodgers trade cost me two players, neither of which were involved in the trade. Blake Dewitt and Aaron Laffey were both replaced in the deal and happened to be on my team. Assholes. All in all its been for the best because after I replaced them things started to happen. I'm still not sure what to credit more, my great managing skills (stop laughing, I'm keeping it heavy here) or the bad fortunes of others.

Moral of the story: Homeruns are just one category.

Re: Razzball Commenters League, Vol. ?

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 9:28 pm
by Grey
Well, it makes sense how you're doing it now. You have a lot of guys that are solid in every category but HRs.