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Blind Resume Spec Pickup

Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 9:03 am
by JDubb83
Is player A on the same level (fantasy purposes) as players B, C, D below- blind resume?

Player A) in AA had a 9.5%bb, 22.8%k, .214 iso
in AAA had a 13.9%bb, 16.5%k, .472 iso

Player B) in AA had a 12.1%bb, 21.2%k, .285 iso
in AAA had a 13.5%bb, 15.8%k, .297 iso

Player C) in AA had a 15.8%bb, 18.3%k, .259 iso
in AAA had a 11.0%bb, 25.9%k, .326 iso

Player D) in AA had a 12.7%bb, 20.2%k, .221 iso
in AAA had a 11.7%bb, 28.6%k, .284 iso

Taking into account the juiced mlb ball in AAA this year, is player A (k-bb% and Iso is in line with others) in the same talent (fantasy purposes as B, C, and D)?

Player A is Kevin Cron
Player B Rhys Hoskins
Player C Pete Alonso
Player D Cody Bellinger