Pujols for Closer

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Pujols for Closer

Postby ohbilly2134 » Sat Apr 11, 2015 2:14 pm

I've tried to unload Pujols for an established closer, which I desperately need, to no avail. Saves are weighed pretty heavily in our league, and nobody wants to take the bait. As such, how do you feel about the following:

I give-

I get:
Jake McGee

While I think the Pujols side is obviously stronger, he's been riding my bench as I own Abreu (1B) and CarGo,Gomez and Trout in my OF, with Bautista at Util (full team in sig). I can probably spare giving up Pujols, but not sure how bad a move this would be.


12-Team H2H, Non-PPR, Non-keeper Points League:

QB- Andy Dalton
QB- Philip Rivers
RB- Alvin Kamara
RB- Joe Mixon
RB- Nick Chubb
WR- Brandin Cooks
WR- Alshon Jeffery
WR- Tyler Boyd
TE- Travis Kelce
FLEX- Marlon Mack

RB- Chris Thompson
RB- Giovani Bernard
WR- Larry Fitzgerald
WR- Demaryius Thomas
TE- Evan Engram

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Re: Pujols for Closer

Postby dugan » Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:17 pm

I'm not even sure McGee has the closer job when he gets back...maybe, but I'd pass on that offer.

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Re: Pujols for Closer

Postby CLBJ » Mon Apr 13, 2015 8:22 am

You could get more for Pujols. Just have to trade em at the right time. Also Rarely would I trade for a closer

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Re: Pujols for Closer

Postby sportznutt » Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:46 pm

Horrible deal, don't trade for pitching. Wait for a closer to lose his job or get injured.
Team 1: 11 team points league

Batters Stat Category Value
At Bats (AB) -1
Hits (H) 5.6
Doubles (2B) 2.9
Triples (3B) 5.7
Home Runs (HR) 9.4
Stolen Bases (SB) 1.9
Caught Stealing (CS) -2.8
Walks (BB) 3.0
Hit By Pitch (HBP) 3.0
Pitchers Stat Category Value
Innings Pitched (IP) 7.4
Saves (SV) 5
Hits (H) -2.6
Home Runs (HR) -12.3
Walks (BB) -3
Hit Batters (HBP) -3
Strikeouts (K) 2
Holds (HLD) 4

C - Perez
1B - Abreu
2B - Rizzo
SS - Polanco
MI - Bregman
3B - Devers
LF - Mazarra
RF - Judge
CF - Benintendi
OF - Hoskins
OF - Acuna
Util - C. Taylor
Bench - B. Rodgers, Merrifield, Olson, Vlad, Tatis, Y. Melina, Healy, Barretto
DL - Sanchez

SP - Kluber, Stripling, Ray, Price, Happ, Bumgarner, deGrom
RP - Rivero, Reed, Vizceino, Giles
DL - Edwards Jr.

2 DL spots
DL -

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C - Sanchez
1B - Abreu
2B - J. Ramirez
3B - Seager
SS -
MI -
CI - Gallo
OF - Benintendi
OF - Betts
OF -
OF - Judge
OF -
DH - Zimmer

P - Stroman
P -
P -
P -
P -
P -
P - Colome
P - Bedrosian
P -

BN - Frazier
BN - V. Guerrero
BN - Calhoun

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