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Desperate for Offense

Posted: Fri May 02, 2014 3:54 pm
by tomm0
12 team H2H Weekly Points League. C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 4OF, U, 5 SP, 2 Closers - I know, I know. You told me this would happen, however with my scoring system Kershaw and Kimbrel were well above the rest and we drafted before Kershaw's injury. I have a number of quality pitchers at this point but due to injuries I'm desperate for offense/outfielders. Who should I be shopping and any suggested targets?

One team could use some pitching and has McCutchen, Brantley, Crisp, Victorino, Austin Jackson, Dom Brown, Brandon Moss.

Another just lost Kipnis, Cingrani, and Ryu but only has Beltran, Bruce, Cespedes, and Cruz.

My Team:
C Perez, Salvador
1B Loney, James
2B Carpenter, Matt
3B Arenado, Nolan
SS Reyes, Jose
OF Cabrera, Melky
OF Choo, Shin-Soo
OF Gordon, Alex
OF Joyce, Matt
U Kendrick, Howie
Bench (1B) Davis, Chris
Injured(OF) Harper, Bryce

SP Bailey, Homer
SP Cole, Gerrit
SP Minor, Mike
SP Kershaw, Clayton
SP Bumgarner, Madison
RP Kimbrel, Craig
RP Soria, Joakim
Bench (SP) Fister, Doug
Bench (SP) Kluber, Corey
Bench (SP) Salazar, Danny
Bench (SP) Ross, Tyson

Singles 1 point
Doubles 2 points
Triples 3 points
Walks (Batters) 0.5 points
Caught Stealing -1 point
Hitting for the Cycle 10 points
Ground Into Double Plays -0.5 points
Hit by Pitch 0.5 points
Home Runs 4 points
Strikeouts (Batter) -0.5 points
Runs 1 point
Runs Batted In 1 point
Stolen Bases 1 point

Walks Issued (Pitchers) -0.5 points
Blown Saves -2 points
Complete Games 3 points
Earned Runs -1 point
Hit Batsmen -0.5 points
Innings 1.5 points
Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point
Losses -6 points
No-Hitters 15 points
Perfect Games 20 points
Quality Starts 1 point
Saves 6 points
Wins 6 points

Re: Desperate for Offense

Posted: Fri May 02, 2014 9:54 pm
by Grey
See if you can get McCutchen for Kershaw

Re: Desperate for Offense

Posted: Sat May 03, 2014 4:58 am
by tomm0
Thanks! Any fallback options?

Re: Desperate for Offense

Posted: Sat May 03, 2014 7:58 am
by Grey
Bruce for Carpenter