Too many players from one team

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Too many players from one team

Postby FarmerJohnSurgery » Sat Sep 03, 2016 5:37 pm

I'm in a family league that still uses autodraft. I usually do pretty well by pre-ranking and setting a strategy but this year I ended up with 4 Chargers. Trying to decide what to do. I'm concerned about having too many players from one team and not enough points to spread across the four each week. I've done QB/WR1 combinations before but never even 3 offensive players from one team (not including kicker) PPR league with standard scoring. Here's the team:

QB: Philip Rivers
RB: Danny Woodhead
RB: DeMarco Murray
WR: AJ Green
WR: Keenan Allen
TE: Antonio Gates
Flex: Mike Evans
Flex: TY Hilton
D: Bengals
K: Vinatieri:

Bench: Jordan Matthes, GIovani Bernard, Ameer Abdullah, Charles Sims, Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Graham.

So what should I do? Who would you try to trade first? Or would anyone keep what I've got?


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Re: Too many players from one team

Postby jaywrong » Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:37 am

It's an okay team. I'd just triage, seek trades, then make some hard decisions on drops if you have to. But try to over sell a bit if you have to.
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