Votto/Bourn for AGon

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Re: Votto/Bourn for AGon

Postby havok » Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:09 pm

I don't even think AGon has that much more power than Votto. The kid hit 25 HRs last year in 544 plate appearances with an ISO of .245. AGon hit 40 in 681 PA's with an ISO of .274 in what I think will be the best statisical year of his career. Factor in the difference in home ballparks, added SB's, and better BA I'll take Votto easy. The fact you get to add in Bourn for free sounds pretty sweet IMO.
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Re: Votto/Bourn for AGon

Postby B-rude » Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:51 pm

I agree with Havok..Votto will out preform AGon all by himself. Dumping Morales would be the right move. Bourn will pick things up. You're getting a 2 for 1 + getting the better player.
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Re: Votto/Bourn for AGon

Postby john » Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:14 pm

I'm leaning toward Votto...leaning hard. Its just.so.hard.to.pull.the.trigger.
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Re: Votto/Bourn for AGon

Postby Griff » Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:22 pm

If you need power, then you probably shouldn't do this trade. I think Votto will be very close to Adrian in terms of all-around production, but that's because Votto will have 10 steals and 20 points of average more than AGon. HRs and RBIs, you still have to assume Adrian does better, especially since he could get dealt to a contender that doesn't play its home games in Petco.

That said, Bourn has the speed to steal 50. If you think you can trade speed, then I'd take this deal and try to trade for some power. In my experience, though, most people undervalue steals in trades.

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