open spots in assorted baseball leagues (mostly free)

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open spots in assorted baseball leagues (mostly free)

Postby goodfold2 » Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:29 pm

unless noted free leagues here. unless noted assume draft times will be near regular season date starting time and be voted in for best time for owners. for interest.

League 1:

fantrax h2h where everybody plays everybody else each week (so it gets rid of h2h luck; nobody having 2nd best week and losing or 2nd worst week and winning, effectively it's 24-25 roto seasons added together, then 8 team playoffs, losing half the teams each week, 2 week finals). 16 team 10 x 10 with these hitter stats: runs, rbi's, HR's, steals, steals %, OBP, OPS, total bases, XBH, hits. for pitching: ERA, WHIP, starter wins, net saves, saves + holds, QS, total bases against, K's per batter faced, inherited runners stranded, K's. 35-72 min-max innings per week (assuming normal length 7 game day week, if more/less it'll be commensurate to those numbers on a per day basis). no moves limits. infinite DL slots, however due to this you cannot add DL/suspended/inactive guys from FA until they exit that status, we're not intending these infinite DL spots to just stash up anybody possibly useful. 4 keepers at previous season's ADP prices (no escalation otherwise). online draft time near start of season and we'll vote on best time for everybody involved. can also trade predraft.

rosters: 1 of each position for hitters (specific CF/RF/LF) plus 2 any OF, plus 1 CI, 1 MI, 2 util. 5 SP, 5 RP, 1 P, 4 BN.

available teams and possible keepers for them (tied round have to move to better round):

team 1. (has the 13th choice of draft slots) f.mejia (22), olson (8), m.chapman (19), lindor (2), pollock (5), choi (28), e.rosario (8), kluber (1), severino (2), c.allen (6), l.castillo (13), morton (11)

team 2: (has the 7th choice of draft slots) edwin e (3), trout (1), puig (7), andrus (5), y.gurriel (16), treinen (12), f.vazquez (rivero) (6), clevinger (13), a.bradley (16), ja happ (15), parker (15), c.anderson (11), wood (7), morrow (10)

team 3: (has the 10th choice of draft slots) rizzo (2), stanton (1), sale (1), dejong (10), salvy perez (7), castellanos (7), profar (28, last), schebler (20), nimmo (28), simmons (14), schwarber (10), mckinney (28), markakis (25), r.iglesias (7), sa dominguez (28), jeffress (28), ottavino (28), hirano (24)

team 4: (has 2nd choice of draft slots) trea turner (1), judge (2), pham (4), kepler (20), hosmer (6), k.seager (8), bichette (28), strasburg (2), hand (8), honeywell (20), k.herrera (12), godley (7), osuna (5), giolito (14), fulmer (11), dozier (2)

team 5: (has 1st choice of draft slots) darvish (3), kershaw (1), g.sanchez (2), c.santana (9), morales (19), a.rosario (17), t.frazier (15), gausman (12), hamels (12), brach (13), colome (9), bundy (11)

League 2:
yahoo, roto. 20 teamer. keep 6-9 with no round escalations or costs, just keep or not. front loaded keepers. one of each infield, 3 any OF, 1 util hitters starting, 2 SP, 2 RP, 3 P, 7 BN, 5 DL, 2 NA. max 1250 innings. can trade predraft. scoring is 7x7 with holds, QS, OPS, XBH added.

team 2: 3rd pick in odds, 18th in evens. possible keepers: desmond, ozuna, cruz, upton, mazara, dozier, a.chapman, morton, hill, maeda, k.seager, semien

League 3:
yahoo redraft league. 10 team h2h. each owner drafts 3 real life hitting teams and 3 pitching teams in a snake random order draft. for the entire year from our draft date ALL players on said rosters are that owners property (mid-march start date, we'll wait for machado/harper clearly), each owner can stream his own players. 7 moves a week. max DL/NA slots. 30 min innings per week.
rosters: 2 of every position (CF/RF/LF and 3 any OF spots), 1 util. 5 SP, 5 RP, 1 P, 3 BN
scoring: 8x8 with OBP over AVG, OPS, total bases and steals % added for hitters, for pitchers QS, saves + holds, net saves + holds, K/9 added.

1 open slot here.

League 5:
16 team yahoo roto dynasty. 7 man max prospect lists. 4 fake teams were made to house the prospects and any other suspended/DL guys (you don't have to drop players that aren't playing for whatever reason, but also can't exploit this by just adding all the DL guys in FA); the fake teams accrue no points and are only there to make sure nobody owned gets grabbed by anybody else. you can call up/send down prospects till they hit 150 at bats/50 innings, then they need to be traded away, kept up, or dropped. by doing the fake teams we've removed 4 yahoo sillyness issues:
1. being forced to call up guys from NA slots even if you don't want to yet simply because they were in real life, at least if you want to make moves for active roster
2. bypassing the ridiculous DL max slots
3. bypassing the even more ridiculous idea that a suspended player is somehow ACTIVE, when pretty sure the exact definition of being suspended means you are NOT active (yet cannot slot into NA slot while being suspended by some yahoo ineptitude)
4. bypassing the yahoo weirdness of a "max roster of 30" for our prospects and/or team in general.

draft is slow draft in message board. can draft anybody not owned (also anybody not in yahoo, so we've bypassed yet another yahoo ineptitude there), can draft as many rounds as you want to make room for either at prospect or active roster.

scoring: 10x10 with OBP over AVG, OPS, steals %, hits, slugging and total bases added for hitting, holds, K/9, K/BB, net saves (over saves) for pitching. max 1750 innings per year.
rosters: 1 of each infield, exact CF/LF/RF outfield plus 2 any OF, 2 util, 1 CI, 1 MI, 5 SP, 5 RP, 1 P, 3 BN. 4 NA (these could be in addition to prospect list). only players that can be moved up or down to prospect list are those that started the year either on a prospect list or active roster. you CAN add ANYBODY to active during year of course from FA that isn't owned.

team 2: drafts 2nd in odd rounds, 15th in evens. bryant, soto, j.turner, d.gordon, mallex,andrus, schwarber, lemahieu, moreland, pujols, jay, otani (both), suzuki, descalso, canha, moran, w.davis, darvish, quintana, skaggs, fiers, b.norris, m.barnes, roe, poncedelon, kelly, eflin, leake, wisler, jarlin garcia, mcgee.
prospect list: faedo, senzel, w.calhoun, keller, puk, robles, a.beck

team 3: drafts 8th in odd rounds, 9th in evens. arenado, judge, upton, e.rosario, grandal, s.castro, flores, pillar, duvall, bour, dietrich, gattis, b.crawford, beckham, drury, trumbo, c.frazier, bauer, greinke, a.chapman, wheeler, arrieta, lester, vizcaino, ottavino, minor, h.rondon, neris, m.montgomery, f.hernandez, chatwood
prospect list: florial, gonsalves, sheffield (NYY), mateo, c.greene, t.estrada

League 6. 14 team yahoo redraft h2h $25 league (leaguesafe for the money).
50% = playoff winner = $175
28% = 2nd in playoffs = $98
15% = 1st in season = $52
7% = 2nd in season = $25

rosters: 1 of every infield, 3 OF, 2 util. 3 SP, 2 RP, 2 P. 7 BN. 3 DL, 1 NA. 7 moves per week max. 30 min innings per week.
scoring: 7x7 with OBP over AVG, total bases and hits added for hitting, K/9 and QS added for pitching.

3-6 openings here. and since redraft + money this draft will be as late as possible while still finding a time voted good for everybody.

League 7:

h2h yahoo 16 teamer 7x7 with OPS and hits added for hitters and QS, holds for pitchers.
rosters: 1 of every infield, 3 OF, 2 util. 2 SP, 1 RP, 7 P, 5 BN, 5 DL, 1 NA
keep 6 yearly at no round cost nor escalation. max 4 moves per week.

team 1: 2nd in odd rounds, 15th in evens. keeper possibles: jd mart, springer, upton, hosmer, inciarte, altuve, y.gurriel, adames, l.robert, cole, darvish, britton

League 9:
yahoo 16 team h2h dynasty. this one has a specific draft date already, march 10th 8:30 PM eastern. any player that:
- has NA status before draft
- qualifies as prospect (up to 150 at bats/50 innings but not over)
- unsigned
- suspended
- any kind of injury tag
can be stashed predraft and not count against active roster maximums

rosters: 1 of every position (specific CF/LF/RF), 1 util, 5 SP, 7 RP, 4 BN (and MAX 1 of your BN can be any kind of pitcher to prevent hoarding). there are no moves limits here. 5 DL's, 10 NA's.

scoring: 5x5 stuff with a lot added (including defensive stuff): OPS, doubles, triples, hits, BB's, putouts, assists, OF assists, fielding %, double plays turned for hitters added, for pitchers added: holds, complete games, shutouts, relief wins, double plays, pickoffs, relief appearances, K/9, QS, OBP against

team 1: non snake here. this team has the 4th in all rounds.
roster: mallex, v.robles, hosmer, odubel, lemahieu, belt, franco, gardner, schebler, barnhart, b.crawford, beckham, travis, p.ervin, z.collins, ed rodriguez, quintana, a.wood, colome, vizcaino, steckenrider, familia, odorizzi, chacin, parker, pressly, m.barnes, devenski, bearclaw, j.fry, n.jones, tyler anderson, groome, lynn

team 2: has the 2nd in all rounds.
roster: ozuna, castellanos, m.chapman, conforto, grandal, k.marte, mancini, p.alonso, candelario, n.williams, ahmed, chirinos, c.stewart, y.alvarez, n.gordon, c.ray, gerber, mikolas, luzardo, c.anderson, boyd, buchholez, lugo, greene, wacha, t.hunter, middleton, j.wilson, j.jimenez, nova, leone, madson, melancon, f.perez, manning, burrows, chatwood

League 10:
13 team roto dynasty (used to be a 16, we're maxing out rosters to get closer to that. we're adding a couple or so hitting starting slots, and some fake teams to stash extra injured/suspended/inactive types in. a "fake team" is a roster in which all the players are benched at all times and the actually 13 owners can call up or send down guys from a master list in message board. prospects can be left in there till 150 at bats/50 innings).

rosters: 1 of each position (specific CF/LF/RF) 1 util. 1 more or maybe 2 more hitting positions occurring this year. 1800 max innings for pitchers. 5 SP, 7 RP. 10 NA, 5 DL. 1800 max innings
scoring: 5x5 stuff with lots of other stuff (defensive stuff too, AVG is almost certainly changing to total bases): hits, assists, OF assists, doubles, triples, BB's, putouts, fielding %, double plays for hitters, for pitchers these added, holds, K/9, innings, complete games, shutouts, relief wins, double plays, pickoffs, QS, inherited runners scored.

team 1: non snake, this team has the 2nd in all rounds.
roster: freeman, ozuna, l.cain, springer, upton, donaldson, profar, d.peralta, jose martinez, lemahieu, simmons, hampson, avisail, stassi, candelairo, h.ramos, vilade, s.murphy, y.alvarez, n.gordon, kendall, price, l.castillo, arrieta, c.allen, lester, lucchesi, steckenrider,, b.norris, h.rondon, pazos, gsellman, r.lopez, baz, faedo,, lauer, d.duffy

team 2: 11th in all rounds.
roster: jose ramirez, jd martinez, miggy, edwin e, semien, white, laureano, j.polanco, gomes, otani (batter only), galvis, m.duffy, adrianza, bichette, o'brien, s.long, sirri, j.williams, kluber, carrasco, tanaka, hill, j.james, c.anderson, jeffress, minor, cishek, oh, watson, parker, wacha, c.burnes, y.chirinos, w.peralta, hildenberger, dunning, h.greene

team 3: 9th in all rounds. rendon, abreu, suarez, villar, conforto, odor, tim anderson, andrus, piscotty, c.santana, dickerson, winker, hundley, hiura, leody taveras, j.sanchez, kieboom, mountcastle, marquez, hamels, heaney, givens, morrow, fiers, chacin, dereck rodriguez, romo, s.greene, hirano, neshek, o.perez, gio gonzalez, buttrey, pannone, d.holland, morejon, m.baez, sixto sanchez, d.may, manning, kopech

League 11:
espn 14 team h2h keep 9 total. the keepers are like this: 4 pitchers, at least 1 of which has to be a RP, and at least 1 SP. 5 hitter keepers, the positions have to be different from each other (except you can have 2 OF). ANY espn position eligibility can be used as to which position a guy is kept (this doesn't mean you have to play them at THAT one though). predraft trading is available if you are strong at one position but weak at another (almost ALL of these leagues above have the predraft trading, not ALL but most). no escalations or round prices on the keepers.

rosters: 1 of each position (specific CF/RF/LF), 1 any OF, 1 CI, 1 MI, 1 util. 5 SP, 3 RP, 2 P, 6 BN, 8 DL (max in espn, had been 3 but i'm no longer trucking with these ridiculous amounts of DL guys and having to drop some or choose to compete less). 12 max starts for pitchers per week to control streaming to some extent. 7 moves per week. minimum 30 innings per week.

scoring: 7x7 with OBP over AVG, OPS and total bases added for hitters, for pitchers QS and holds added.

team 1: team has 13th pick in evens (9 keepers so round 10 is the first), 2nd in odds.
possible keepers: freeman, suarez, altuve, upton, k.davis, salvy perez, didi, dan murphy, inciarte, bumgarner, treinen, leclerc, sale, ottavino, voit, hendricks

team 2: team has 1st pick in evens, 14th in odds.
possible keepers: votto, kershaw, folty, a.hicks, verlander, cruz, g.polanco, odor, e.escobar, eaton, parker, kela, k.herera

team 3: has the 4th in evens, 11th in odds.
possible keepers: bryant, paxton, pollock, dj lemahieu, haniger, profar, marquez, piscotty, keuchel, choi, semien, a** cabrera, pressly

any interest this is the updated version, many were filled, others opened up.

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Re: open spots in assorted baseball leagues (mostly free)

Postby goodfold2 » Tue Feb 19, 2019 12:29 am

updated from before, tons of teams got taken, others opened up.

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