Keeper help!

Start, sit, who to acquit? My QB just lost a finger, wuss, who should I pick up?
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Keeper help!

Postby phillyrulez04 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 6:40 am

12 team PPR league on Yahoo. Standard scoring & QB/WR/WR/RB/RB/TE/FX/D/K line-up.

Can keep 3 of the following:

DeAndre Hopkins - 3rd round
Demaryius Thomas - 4th round
Russell Wilson - 6th round
Jerick McKinnon - 6th round
Kyle Rudolph - 7th round

If I keep two players in the same round, one of them moves up to the next round. I have to decide on Monday 8/20.

Am currently leaning towards Hopkins (3rd), Wilson (5th) & McKinnon (6th)
That leaves me with:
QB: Wilson
WR: Hopkins
RB: McKinnon
1st three picks: 11, 14 & 38

The other option I'm considering is keeping Thomas in the 4th instead of Wilson in the 5th.
That leaves me with:
WR: Hopkins
WR: Thomas
RB: McKinnon
1st three picks: 11, 14 & 59

After everyone else's keepers are factored in, my best guess is that at least 4 of these 6 will available at 11 & 14:
Melvin Gordon
AJ Green
Michael Thomas
Christian McCaffrey
Devonta Freeman
Mike Evans

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Re: Keeper help!

Postby zach » Thu Aug 16, 2018 5:47 pm

Hey Philly!

I would keep Hopkins, McKinnon and Wilson.

Let me know if you have any other keeper questions!

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