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Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:31 pm
by B-rude
Such an awesome game..(even better because I own him in 2 leagues).. The Wise catch in the 9th was amazing. Where does it rank as one of the best catches ever?

Re: Buehrle!!!

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:07 pm
by Grey
For the situation, it's up there. I still think the Gary Matthews catch from a few years back was one of the top catches and better than the Wise one.

Re: Buehrle!!!

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:20 pm
by papasmurf
He’s been one of my best picks this year. I seem to have a knack for drafting undervalued pitchers but suck at picking hitters.

This is the first nohitter I’ve ever had for a pitcher on one of my teams. I’d be much happier if my hitters ain’t 1 for 15… (Team BA's dropped 7 pts in one week) Damn Mclouth. Shoulda gone with Morgan. God I hope no sbs for him tonight. Yadier...

Re: Buehrle!!!

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:57 pm
by B-rude
The Gary Matthews Jr. catch was great....the only problem is that it got the Angels (life time fan) interested and now he's sucking (although improving from last yr) up his huge contract...

Buehrle is def having a great year and the people that bought low on him have to be loving it..i was fortunate to add him from FA early in the only if Mr Price could pull his ish together..blah