Ed Davis or Hansbrough

Who to start, who to bench. Grab that WW guy?
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Ed Davis or Hansbrough

Postby jwfm3181 » Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:07 pm

Who's the better player to own?

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Re: Ed Davis or Hansbrough

Postby White Lightning » Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:48 pm

davis does more peripheral stats (blocks steals)

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Re: Ed Davis or Hansbrough

Postby Fenris-77 » Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:32 pm

Davis by a mile, especially with West in Indiana. Not only does Davis have a more fantasy friendly stat line, he also plays for a tream that looks far more committed to developing him. Psycho-T is a career bench guy IMO.

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