My 2014-15 sleeper picks

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My 2014-15 sleeper picks

Postby greg637 » Wed Aug 27, 2014 11:07 am

Just wondering who you think will be your sleeper picks for this year’s draft? Here are mine in no particular order:

Rodney Stuckey: No George, Lance, and Granger will mean plenty of playing time for Stuckey. Hopefully he will approach Lance-like numbers.

CJ Miles: Same reason as Stuckey. Was pretty productive last year given playing time.

Darren Collison: Was very productive last year when given playing time. Will probably start this year, and you might be able to snag him in the later rounds.

Omer Asik: Will be a double double machine, with a high FG and low TOs. Throw in a block and he makes for a great steal! Will hopefully be available mid to late rounds.

PJ Tucker: Nice contributor with boards, points, 3s, steals, and low TOs. FGs and Fts aren’t too shabby either. Will fly under the radar even more due to DUI suspension to start the season.

Josh McRoberts: Will get plenty of burn as a part of the thin Miami front court. Got some nice assist numbers for a big man last season. Is projected way down the list in most boards so you should be able to get him late.

Danny Granger: I am still holding out hope that he will return to form. Playing on the Heats should give him plenty of minutes back up Deng. Given Wade’s injury/rest history, he will also get some burn at the 2 spot. He’s not even on the radar on draft boards, so he would make an excellent late pick up.

Evan Turner: The trade last season decimated his stock, so his value is at an all-time low. Playing on an awful Celtics team should get him a lot of minutes, and get his production back up to his Philly days. A steal of a deal.

Miles Plumlee: With Channing Frye gone his minutes should see an increase. Will be productive and well worth a late round pick.

Mason Plumlee: Making Team USA will work wonders for his confidence and playing time. KG is falling apart, so Mason is the only other real post presence (no disrespect to Blatche and Teletovic). I expect him to get an increased role this year. He rebounds, blocks, scores at a high percentage, and isn’t bad with the TOs. A solid late pick up.

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Re: My 2014-15 sleeper picks

Postby JBRazzball » Wed Aug 27, 2014 11:37 am

Love Stuckey. He's one of my big sleepers too, and will be right at 110 or so. Miles is kinda meh, only really hits threes, I think he can have a mini-breakout, but not to the same extent.

Slim and I love Collison as well. I have him way above his ADP in the 60s. McRoberts is always undervalued, but I still don't think he has much of a ceiling. He's a better real life player even though he does fill out the stat sheet. All the other guys are interesting and I'm not high or low on, except Evan Turner. Not touching Turner, never really liked him once he hit the NBA (thought he looked great in college and would be a solid NBA player!), but don't know how much Stevens will use him

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