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$25 Yahoo Keeper League since 2001

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:24 am
by Ghost96
Needed two owners for 12-team Yahoo H2H league, but one new owner is already signing on. It will be a slow draft, should begin by the weekend of March 9th/10th. The draft progress is tracked on a message board-usually takes 9-10 days to complete (lots of help with texting and proxy picks). Yes, the league has been in existence since 2001. Has been a $25 buy-in for the last two years. Each owner is allowed to keep as many as four players. Inquire with commish about how keepers will be divided up for the 2 incoming owners. Trust that you will get good options.

Champion = $200
2nd place = $75
3rd in place = $25

Commish will fill you in on the line-ups. 30-players drafted with multiple DL spots allowed. No limits on AB.
7x7 scoring. Hitter stats: R, RBI, HR, AVG, OBP, stolen bases, and K's (fewest). Pitching stats: Wins, Losses, K's, ERA, WHIP, Saves, and Holds

There are more details, ...but if you e-mail me at, I will answer any questions, ...and pass you on to the commish.