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Keeper choice

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:33 am
by Frank Rizzo
League size/style in signature below. Keep 1 and currently leaning toward keeping Freddie Freeman.....but.....

Other keeper options:
-Verlander in the 5th
-Carlos Martinez in the 7th
-McCullers in the 12th
-Paxton in the 14th

Guys in our league will not veer to far away from Yahoos' rankings.

I am picking 3rd. After getting everyone's keepers and taking educated guesses on who guys will take I have the following options, based on who I think is available.

Option 1: Keep Freeman in the 2nd. Take either Altuve, Turner, or Harper with my 1st pick. Looking at potentially getting Bellinger, Springer or Jose Ramirez with my 3rd pick.
Most likely something like this:
1 - Turner
2 - Freeman (K)
3 - Bellinger

Option 2: Keep C Martinez in the 7th. Take either Altuve, Turner, or Harper with my 1st pick. With my 2nd pick I'm pretty sure I could get Freeman, Machado, or Lindor. 3rd pick would again be Bellinger/Springer/Jose Ramirez.
Most likely something like this:
2-Machado (he's 22nd overall on Yahoo)

7-Carlos Martinez (K)

I was under the impression Freddie Freeman was a no brainer in the 2nd for me, but a deeper dive into how the first 3 rounds will probably work out and I'm 2nd guessing.

Which option is the right one to take and why?

Re: Keeper choice

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:57 am
by Grey
Freeman and one of those MIs