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Help! League rules need changing -

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:04 pm
by BigAhnold
Greetings all,

Do not know where to ask this question, so I thought I would start here.

I am in a league where the same guy has won three out of the last four years. Good for him.

The league has operated using "whoever gets there first" claiming. Once the Yankees announce Gary Sanchez is coming up, whoever claims him first gets him. Whenever some owner drops a good player, that player is immediately available for claiming by anyone.

The guy consistently winning the league apparently does little during the day and has set up alerts to all player transactions and announcements. When a good player is dropped, which in this league happens several times during the season, he snaps the player up immediately. Same with callups. The owner winning the league drafted two horrible catchers, and someone dropped Realmuto (!) in Week 2 and he picked Realmuto up within 30 seconds. He claimed Sanchez about a minute after the Yankees called him up. (23 player roster, 7 player bench, so you cannot hold the Gary Sanchez's or Trea Turner's of the world with the vague hope that they will get called up). Good luck ever getting a closer announced to be taking over the job.

So effectively, every player passes to this fellow first, and if he passes on him, the rest of the league can then have its chance at the player. Essentially operating as a funnel through the one owner. No surprise he wins the league repeatedly. Several owners are frustrated and are thinking of leaving.

We can debate this - believe me, I am not saying what he is doing is morally wrong or somehow contrary to the rules. He won based on the rules in place, and again, good for him. But virtually everyone else in the league has a job and family and does not have time to be monitoring Razzball, Rotoworld, etc. 24/7, and thus the league is strongly looking at tweaking player claiming.

However, the owners do not know the best method for player claiming in this circumstance using the league service, CBS Sportsline. While the other owners agree that this "instant claiming" issue needs to be remedied, for the past few years nothing has been done because everyone disagrees about how to adequately address the problem, and no one is sure of the options offered by CBS for player claiming.

There is a $5 transaction fee for each player claimed, and there is a sentiment among several owners that the more money in the pool, the better. So a "25 transaction limit," for example, likely would not fly.

I am proposing nightly claiming, using waiver priority. Every night, say at midnight, player claims are processed according to either a waiver priority or based on reverse order in the standings, but players cannot be claimed at other times during the day. This gives everyone time to assess the day and make claims, with all claims processed once daily.

Here are the questions: Can this "nightly claiming" be done on CBS Sportsline? Are there any other ways to address this, i.e. slow down claiming with no limit on transactions?

Many thanks - and all help appreciated.


Re: Help! League rules need changing -

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:39 am
by Grey
Why don't you propose a $100 FAAB budget? (Or whatever number you want -- $200, $500, etc) It's not real money, it's a budget used to pick up free agents. So every time anyone is picked up they must go through the FAAB process. If you want Gary Sanchez, you bid $2 if someone else bids $3 or more they get them, but if there's a budget of say $100 then you can't bid on everyone otherwise you'd run out of money before the end of the season. It's what most leagues use...

Re: Help! League rules need changing -

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:56 am
by BigAhnold
Thanks Grey - certainly an option. FAAB of course requires some period when FAAB operates - say, every week or every day or whatever. This league has operated with the ability to constantly claim, and you cannot run FAAB with constant or instant claiming - everyone will just bid $1 when the player is announced to be the new Diamondbacks closer, etc. (Not that such an arrangement is what you are suggesting). But I believe FAAB operation has to be daily or weekly.

I think the easiest sell to this league is something that is as similar to what we had been doing as possible, so I am exploring FAAB with other options. Just trying to figure out what else might be available.

I guess one other concern specific to this league would be that FAAB might be viewed similar to limiting number of transactions - generates limited transaction fees.

But I hear you, good suggestion, and FAAB is certainly going to be considered. Looking for all possibilities to discuss with the league.

And does anyone know - can you run claiming, using reverse league standings or waiver priority, on a daily basis on CBS?

Re: Help! League rules need changing -

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 9:00 am
by Grey
Yeah, FAAB wouldn't be instant claiming anymore...

You can do a waiver wire limit... Say, 100 pickups all year