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rounds 1-6 from 12th position

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:42 pm
by hammerman86
6x6 roto drafting from the 12 spot. my conundrum is if with the 5th 6th pick where i went holliday then gio if i should go pitcher pitcher or how i did do the first 6 look?

Fielder, Prince (1B DET)
Stanton, Giancarlo (OF MIA)
Wright, David (3B NYM)
Castro, Starlin (SS CHC)
Holliday, Matt (OF STL)
Gonzalez, Gio (P WAS)

Re: rounds 1-6 from 12th position

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 5:16 pm
by BluePulaski
12. Fielder, Prince (1B DET) - chance he's taken before the 12th pick...if taken I would go with Verlander, Kershaw, Strasburg (in that order)
13. Stanton, Giancarlo (OF MIA) -
36. Wright, David (3B NYM) - if he's gone...Encarnacion?
37. Castro, Starlin (SS CHC) - if gone maybe Reyes
60. Holliday, Matt (OF STL)
61. Gonzalez, Gio (P WAS) - you might not get Gio here...if not maybe Adam Wainwright?

Value picks...Allen Craig (stud but injury risk)...Bryce Harper (high upside)...Ryan Zimmerman (around 60th, 61 if you don't land Beltre, Wright, Edwin?)...Jose Altuve (will keep your avg up...esp. if you take a guy earlier without an avg.)...same goes for Salvador Perez...consider taking a catcher near the end if you don't get a solid guy....Asdrubal Escobar at SS might be available later on in the draft at good value if there is a more valuable pick available when you want to pick up Castro.

You need to line up the studs at the thin positions. I would consider taking Tulo and Stanton with your first two picks and then later take a guy like Jose Altuve to offset the AVG hits. Take valuable guys you know you might be able to trade to get the player you want down the road.

I'm not a draft expert...but I believe if you are preparing like this you need to have your strategies and plan Bs in place.

Good luck.

Re: rounds 1-6 from 12th position

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 5:20 pm
by Charles
I'd take all those players at those spots. I also had 12th pick. Here's where your targets went:

Prince 1.9
Giancarlo 1.11
David 2.9
Starlin 4.8
Matt 3.11
Gio 4.9

Take your second SP at round 7/8.