Players in the minors

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Players in the minors

Postby kroedel » Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:29 pm

What 5 players in the minors are the top prospects for next year. I have a minor league spot in my keeper league.
Team- h2h Keeper League. Keep 4 auction draft
C W Castillo
1b abreu
2b murphy
3b healy
SS story
OF mazara
OF Springer
OF Duvall
DH Cabrera
Bench peraza
Bench kepler

SP Martinez
SP Cole
SP taillon
SP teheran
SP maeda
RP bedrosian
RP f rod
Bench velasquez
Bench gray
Bench lackey

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Re: Players in the minors

Postby Calogero » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:36 pm

The top guys that are likely to spend most of 2013 in the majors or just top 5 prospects overall? These ratings are for future fantasy value, so may look different than some top prospect lists. If for 2013, I'd go:

- Wil Myers
- Trevor Bauer
- Nolan Arenado
- Travis d'Arnaud
- Taijuan Walker

If the latter, I'd go:

- Wil Myers
- Jurickson Profar
- Dylan Bundy
- Billy Hamilton
- Taijuan Walker

Basically, if Myers is there, grab him. He might come up later this year if he keeps smashing baseballs. d'Arnaud is very good, but rookie catchers rarely enter at 100% fantasy value (see: Mesoraco). Walker is tearing through AA as a 19 year old right now. If they push him the way they did Pineda last year, there's a chance he could start 2013 in the rotation right out of the spring.

For the overall list, Profar is closer to being ready but doesn't have a position open for him for the Rangers. He'll be a valuable fantasy SS right out the gate when he gets his shot though. Bundy is a freak. Seriosly, just look up his stats. He was playing high school baseball a little over 12 months ago and now he's the best pitcher not in the major leagues. Billy Hamilton will be the best fantasy player in SB since the 1980's and if he keeps developing, he'll come up as a SS. That type of fantasy value is almost inconceivable. Dude has 63 (SIXTY THREE!!!) stolen bases already this year in 55 Games. Fun with numbers: at that rate, over a 162-game season he'd push 180. Could you imagine getting even 1/2 of that from your SS?

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