My starting pitching rotation...

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My starting pitching rotation...

Postby MiracleMan » Sat Jun 25, 2011 6:55 pm

or, as I would like to call them..."these bums are the biggest disappointments so far this year and it's not even close."

Francisco Liriano, gets a no-no but is absolutely awful in the rest (save one game).
Roy Oswalt, wanted to get a piece of that Philly Cheese Steak rotation, but now for the second time lands on the DL.
Edinson Volquez, oh he's a beauty. I actually, really did think I got a steal drafting him in 12nd round.
Max Scherzer, starts off the season like it's his Cy Young to lose, and guess what? He lost.
Wandy Rodriguez, I like Wandy, but Wandy doesn't like me.
Josh Beckett, Of all people. He's been my only pitcher that has exceeded his expectations. Now that I've written that, oh well.

Wins: 38
ERA: 4.25
Whip: 1.342
K: 513

8th place, 49.5 pts.
5x5, 11 teams, keeper league.
10 team, (QB,2RB,2WR,FLX,K,DEF)
QB: Brees
RB: C. Johnson, M. Bush, S. Jax, C. Benson
WR: D. Bryant, D. Jackson, S. Holmes
TE: Celek
DST/K: Bears, Saints/Prater

rush/rec: 10/6td;

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B. Inge Drinking
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Re: My starting pitching rotation...

Postby B. Inge Drinking » Sat Jun 25, 2011 7:12 pm

Expect things to get worse with Liriano now that Mauer will be playing more 1b/3b/DH and not handling the staff; with hopes of less injuries.

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