Week One Advice, Team Evaluation

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Week One Advice, Team Evaluation

Postby generic » Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:28 am

Allright, it's my first time deciding to tackle fantasy football... I'm usually a baseball guy all the way, but I really need to fill the offseason void. 12-Team League, one flex position WR-RB. This is not a PPR league...

QB - Peyton Manning IND
RB - Maurice Jones-Drew JAC
RB - Knowshon Moreno - DEN
WR - Greg Jennings - GB
WR - Eddie Royal - DEN
TE - Dallas Clark - DAL
K - Kris Brown - HOU
DEF - Miami
Flex - Ted Ginn - MIA

Joe Flacco - BAL
Chris Henry - CIN
LeSean McCoy - PHI
James Davis - CLE
Steve Smith - NYG

1) How'd I do? My draft bombed once and went to my draft queue and drafted James Davis about four rounds too early for my liking, but oh well.

2a) Is Knowshon a safe play week one?
2b) Should I drop Steve Smith and pick up Mike Bell?

3) Would you start Ginn or someone else week one?

Thanks for the help... I followed pretty closely the draft cheat sheet and it was certainly helpful in the draft.

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