What do you think of my team?

I'm 0-4, make my team less craptastic!
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What do you think of my team?

Postby ProjectBadass » Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:20 am

First draft of the year and i used the 2009 Fantasy Football Tier Rankings. 12-team, H2H, regular scoring (no PPR). How'd I do? Did I take anyone too early? Should I drop someone? Who should I look to trade?

QB- Aarron Rogers (R4, P38)
WR (x3)- Randy Moss (R2, P14), Anthony Gonzalez (R6, P62), Derek Mason (R8, P86)
RB (x2)- Chris Johnson (R1, P11), Ronnie Brown (R3, P35)
TE- Greg Olsen (R7, P83)
W/T- Steve Smith (R9, P107)
W/R- Darren McFadden (R5, P59)
K- Adam Vinateri (R17, P203)
DEF- New England (R11, P131)
BN- Julius Jones (R10, P110)
BN- Nate Washington (R12, P134)
BN- Kyle Orton (R13, P155)
BN- Patrick Crayton (R14, P158)
BN- Tony Scheffler (15, 179)
BN- Jerome Harrison (16, 182)

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Re: What do you think of my team?

Postby CarlWeathers » Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:11 am

I wont be picking R. Brown this y ear at all hopefully so I dont like your pick in Rd.3, but I love your Crayton pick. Other than that seems decent. And Carl knows football, need a lot of help with baseball this first year but did you know I played College Ball at San Diego and pro with the Raiders and the CFL's Lions?? Before Dolph Lundgren caved in me skull.

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Re: What do you think of my team?

Postby Doc Holliday » Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:24 am

Looks solid. Orton is getting to be a little scary, but hopefully he'll bounce back in his next preseason game!

I think I'd go with Jones as your flex.
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Re: What do you think of my team?

Postby The Peoples Champ » Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:16 pm

good draft. keep in mind you can't win your league at the draft, but you can lose it. just about everyone you got can outperform their draft slot. also, i think you got everyone below ADP, so you didn't have any bad reaches. only 1 issue i can find is that it looks like you drafted more of a PPR team. But even with no PPR, it should still be a contender!

And i have to agree with Doc here on Jones over DMC. In time DMC may supplant Jones in your lineup, but for now i'd go with Jones.

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