Someone dropped David Wilson

Start, sit, who to acquit? My QB just lost a finger, wuss, who should I pick up?
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Someone dropped David Wilson

Postby trolleydodger » Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:19 am

Should I pick up David Wilson? I'm weak at RB with Ksmith, Dbrown, and Lmccoy.

Who do I drop? I have

Aaron Hernandez
Jared Cook
Kellen Winslow
Kendall Wright
Jon Dwyer
I own both Seattle and Houston (both good so I like playing matchups).
Jerome Simpson
12 team Roto

C. Posey
1b Texeira
2b Hill
3b beltre
ss JJ hardy
Lf Trumbo
Cf Bourn
Rf F. Gutierrez
OF Shin Soo Choo
OF R Davis
UTL Lawrie
UTL Konerko

SP. Daniel Hudson
Sp. Bumgarner
Sp. Parker
Sp. Bedard
SP. Liriano
SP. Derek Holland
Rp Broxton
Rp Wilhelmson
Rp Reed
p. Quintana
p. Cook
P. Tim Hudson

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Re: Someone dropped David Wilson

Postby Sky » Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:16 am

I'd leave him be for now. Andre Brown just proved he's the RB2 in NYG last week.
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