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Round 1: RCL vs Public League

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:56 pm
by VinWins
Here is the first round of RCL #1 and a public league also drafting tonight:

RCL #1...Public

Trout ... 1 Giancarlo Stanton
Altuve ... 2 Mike Trout
Turner ... 3 Jose Altuve
Arenado ... 4 Mookie Betts
Harper ... 5 Nolan Arenado
Goldschmidt ... 6 Bryce Harper
Betts ... 7 Trea Turner
Stanton ... 8 Charlie Blackmon
Machado ... 9 Paul Goldschmidt
Bryant ... 10 Carlos Correa
Scherzer ... 11 Clayton Kershaw
Blackmon ... 12 Manny Machado

Re: Round 1: RCL vs Public League

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:29 am
by Grey
Good stuff, Vin!

Re: Round 1: RCL vs Public League

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:13 pm
by VinWins
Here's the FCL vs another Public league tonight:

FCL .....Public

Trout, Mike - Mike Trout
Altuve, José - Giancarlo Stanton
Arenado, Nolan - Bryce Harper
Turner, Trea - Nolan Arenado
Betts, Mookie - Jose Altuve
Goldschmidt, Paul - Mookie Betts
Stanton, Giancarlo - Carlos Correa
Harper, Bryce - Trea Turner
Machado, Manny - Charlie Blackmon
Bryant, Kris - Paul Goldschmidt
Lindor, Francisco - Clayton Kershaw
Freeman, Freddie - Max Scherzer

Re: Round 1: RCL vs Public League

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:20 pm
by VinWins
A look inside the FCL:

Old Vin: Looks like I'm the first one here. What should I do for the next 32.5 hours?
Knucks: Debatable
Old Vin: Life for me is a riverboat fantasy
Fresh Meat: who sings that?
Fresh Meat: is it David Wilcox?
Old Vin: yep
Fresh Meat: man that guy could play the guitar. Seen him like many moons ago
Fresh Meat: live that is
Fresh Meat: going to try and keep up with you pros tonight
Old Vin: don't try too hard
Old Vin: Seriously, though, if I finished 6th in this league I would be happy.
Backdoor Sliders: Jharel Cotton has strained UCL, could be out for the season. FUCK! -- There goes my whole strategy...
Old Vin: Sorry
Fresh Meat: you are kidding right Backdoor!!
Backdoor Sliders: nope.
Backdoor Sliders: he really does have a strained UCL ;-)
Fresh Meat: no I meant about your whole strategy
Backdoor Sliders: oh, yeah -- that was totally a joke
Backdoor Sliders: although he would have been a good pick for the Razz league...
Fresh Meat: any tips for the newbie, besides pick before you get timed out, lol
Backdoor Sliders: new to RCLs, or to fantasy baseball overall?
Fresh Meat: new to RCLS and to live drafts somewhat
Fresh Meat: used to slow email drafts for few years
Old School Brother: draft some solid hitters, some solid starters, a closer or two, and try to be the first to claim guys off the waiver
Old School Brother: oh and def pony up the $20 for rudy's tools, they're amazing
Fresh Meat: have already done 3 other RCL leagues this year with mixed results
Backdoor Sliders: you're middle-ish in the sequence, which should help -- you'll have time to identify a few guys you're interested in for each pick
Fresh Meat: what does Rudy's tools do?
Backdoor Sliders: in this league, there will be more streaming than in most -- SPs and hitters on short-schedule days
Backdoor Sliders: decide whether you'll be up for that or not -- that will dictate how many SPs to draft, and how much to care about MI, last OF, Util, etc.
Fresh Meat: so I should be prepared for daily activity which will be new to me. Used to weekly leagues with weekly waivers
Backdoor Sliders: I'm a chronic rosterbator, but I know that's not for everyone. It's totally possible to compete without doing that, it's just a different strategy
Backdoor Sliders: In the past, I've only drafted 2-3 SPs. Now that there's IP limit, I'll probably draft 3 or 4
Fresh Meat: so you guys just draft 9 pitchers I am assuming and then waiver in and out of those
Backdoor Sliders: yup, with focus on handcuffs for now in case any of them stumble into closer role before the season starts
Backdoor Sliders: oh, actually I'll use my bench spots on MRs for now too. and if I didn't have to draft C or Util or MI, I wouldn't
Old School Brother: I took 6 starts in my last RCL, guys like corbin bundy and gausman just hoping that one of them surprises
Backdoor Sliders: it would be awesome if you were actually Grey or Rudy in disguise, trying to sucker us...
Fresh Meat: why do I sense that for most of you that catcher one of the last picks you make
Old School Brother: Rudy has two tools; Hittertron and streamonator. They both give you projections for that days hitters and pitchers based on a shit load of data. its impressive
Backdoor Sliders: I totally agree -- awesome tools
Fresh Meat: so the tools are more for in season management that for drafting?
Old School Brother: exactly
Fresh Meat: cool. will have to signup
Old School Brother: and more for streaming. Idea being you dedicate a decent portion of your team to rotating guys in and out based on their projections and who has a good chance of being good that day
Fresh Meat: and I am not Grey or Rudy!
Old School Brother: wether its a hitter playing in coors facing a shitty pitcher, or a pitching in a big park facing a bad lineup
Backdoor Sliders: and the projects are updated as lineups are set
Backdoor Sliders: er, projections
Old School Brother: it even takes into account the hitters history against that starter
Fresh Meat: I am from the Great White North (ie. Canada) near Toronto
Old School Brother: nice, ive never been to Canada. I'm down in Texas
Backdoor Sliders: another tip, while we're giving away all of our secrets: go to and sign up
Old School Brother: oh ya, i use closermonkey too. I follow them on twitter and turn twitter notifications on
Fresh Meat: my spidey sense is telling me that you guys are more into closers and middle relievers than starters
Backdoor Sliders: yeah, I've been in some RCLs where SPs have fallen like crazy - but every group is a little different
Fresh Meat: this should be educational but definitely not applicable to the leagues I usually am involved in
Backdoor Sliders: and I'm still thinking about switch from GS-limit to IP-limit
Fresh Meat: yeah never heard of upper limit on IP
Fresh Meat: used to minimum IP
Backdoor Sliders: I've been in another league like that, but it didn't have daily transactions
Backdoor Sliders: I mean, with IP-limit
Fresh Meat: anyway thanks for all the fun so far
Fresh Meat: gotta do something and be back in bit
Backdoor Sliders: hey, glad to have you in the league!
Fresh Meat: thanks
Backdoor Sliders: yeah, dinnertime for me -- back in a bit...
Fresh Meat: the time is near!
Old Vin: Just finished a public league draft where I got Machado at 12 and Giancarlo at 13. Started another one and Stanton went at #2 while Altuve dropped to 5.
Old Vin: No help in prep for this draft, but I love doing the drafts.
The Great Knoche: Vin how many leagues you actually in?
Old Vin: Thinking how to answer that
Fresh Meat: that means too many
Old Vin: So far, 36 regular 12-team, but have open draft dates coming up. Also a dozen quirkier ones.
The Great Knoche: When I retire I hope to entertain myself as well as you do.
Old Vin: Maybe aim higher!
Fresh Meat: and my wife thinks I am addicted to this and I only do maybe 6-8 leagues, lol
over-nite sensation: Hi Guys glad to see you all. I'm Greg
Fresh Meat: Hi Greg. Why does that feel like an AA meeting??
Old Vin: Hey Greg, where you from?
over-nite sensation: clearwater florida
Old Vin: No wife or kids to take up my time.
over-nite sensation: AAA thats a hoot
Fresh Meat: that explains it!
The Great Knoche: First RCL Greg?
Oakmore Rockys: Pick 5. Kershaw, Kluber or Scherzer?
over-nite sensation: has anyone done a mock draft with fantrax. i didn't
over-nite sensation: first rcl this year
Oakmore Rockys: I haven't either. These pre-ranks are going to be challenging.
The Great Knoche: Sort by ADP. Gets a little easier to view where you're probably looking. At least early on.
Old Vin: Scherzer
The Great Knoche: Sale
over-nite sensation: out for quick smoke back in a few
Old Vin: You can sort by ADP, which is better
Old Vin: OK, see already mentioned
White Noise: What's up fellas?
Fresh Meat: Hey White Noise. U got the bottom turn which can be nice
Old Vin: That's my favorite
White Noise: Yeah I'm cool with it....hate those mid round picks
White Noise: until The Dick snipes me every time
Fresh Meat: I don't care for like 2 to 5 myself as seems so long for 2nd picks
Fresh Meat: but sure almost every position has its merits
Fresh Meat: curious to see how the first 5 or 6 picks go. Traditional or more radical!
White Noise: FCL....something has to happen
Fresh Meat: need 3 for full house
Backdoor Sliders: yeehaw! -- so who are we missing: Truss, Grimey, and Mr. The Dick -- I'm sure they'll be here...
Old Vin: I've done 1 other RCL, and it had all 12 present.
Old School Brother: Nick will, not sure about Grimey
Old School Brother: im sure matt will too
Backdoor Sliders: I'll be personally disappointed if we have no-show(s)
White Noise: I believe Nick is trying to tame his raging hard-on from his other draft he's doing right now
Old School Brother: sounds about right
The Great Knoche: BDOHL!
Backdoor Sliders: ???
The Great Knoche: Best Draft of his Life
Oakmore Rockys: I hear if you autopick you get 19 pitchers and 6 catchers
The Great Knoche: Other RCL had a no show and he preset about 60 picks...then he got all catchers
Backdoor Sliders: yeah, need to re-sort from "Score" to "ADP," at least
Old School Brother: we saw a verlander auto pick at #11
Fresh Meat: are we ready to rumble or what????
The Great Knoche: Odds on Grimey showing?
Old Vin: Pretty sure Truss would have preranked in case of emergency
Oakmore Rockys: picks one and two autopick and it's not trout then OverNite is going to be a happy camper
NtD: Best draft of all time
The Great Knoche: GRIMEY!
over-nite sensation: I did a pre rank but cant find it
Old Vin: Oops, just reached for Smoak when I already had Freeman and EE
No Use For A Name: yo yo yo
No Use For A Name: lets get this shit started
Backdoor Sliders: Grimey!
Old School Brother: yooooo
Old School Brother: so is rube grimey?
Backdoor Sliders: and Nick here too
Backdoor Sliders: no, Rube is MattTruss
NtD: Went Trout, Judge, JD, Edwin, Severino, Adoldis, Billy Hams, Gallo
Old School Brother: ok, i just pinged him on slack
Old Vin: No - Grimey is No name
White Noise: Truss is just No Show
No Use For A Name: first draft of the year
Fresh Meat: not concerned about average there I take it
Old School Brother: i tried messaging him
Backdoor Sliders: and there he is, just in time!
Old School Brother: Matts in
NtD: Am not haha
Oakmore Rockys: ten second to spare
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects drafted Trout, Mike OF - LAA (9:30:08 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: What?
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: you think i'd miss the draft?
No Use For A Name drafted Altuve, José 2B - HOU (9:30:27 PM)
Old Vin: Things happen
Old School Brother: neva
The Great Knoche: Nah..Just knew you'd want to make an entrance.
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: I've got 15 minutes til it makes it back to me
over-nite sensation drafted Arenado, Nolan 3B - COL (9:31:20 PM)
Old School Brother drafted Turner, Trea SS - WAS Mar 14, 8:42 AM: Turner went 1-for-2 with two walks, two... (9:31:32 PM)
Oakmore Rockys drafted Betts, Mookie OF - BOS (9:32:06 PM)
The Great Knoche: Sale!
Oakmore Rockys: took me a second to figure out how to draft a guy
Knucks drafted Goldschmidt, Paul 1B - ARI (9:32:25 PM)
The Great Knoche drafted Stanton, Giancarlo OF - NYY (9:32:38 PM)
over-nite sensation: im still not sure
Fresh Meat drafted Harper, Bryce OF - WAS Mar 14, 8:47 AM: Harper went 2-for-2 with two walks, a... (9:32:49 PM)
Oakmore Rockys: I really wonder about people who design UI sometimes. How hard is it to just put a bigass button that says DRAFT?
Backdoor Sliders drafted Machado, Manny 3B - BAL (9:33:11 PM)
Old Vin drafted Bryant, Kris 3B - CHC Mar 14, 6:44 PM: Bryant said his goal for 2018 is to... (9:33:18 PM)
Backdoor Sliders: yeah, this is a bit weird...
Oakmore Rockys: If you're designing a site just pretend you're dealing with prematurely senile shut ins who play kids games in their spare time
The Great Knoche: Yeah, love NFBC tool this year.
Oakmore Rockys: the new NFBC site is excellent
NtD drafted Lindor, Francisco SS - CLE (9:34:11 PM)
Backdoor Sliders: fuck NFBC. or actually, fuck Washington State for somehow making it illegal
Knucks: does anyone see what overall # pick it is? Without having to do any math
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: Up top
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: Pick: 12
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: right of the timer
Old School Brother: by status
Old School Brother: in the center
Old School Brother: at the top
Old School Brother: over there
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: left of sproket
White Noise drafted Freeman, Freddie 1B - ATL Mar 14, 9:20 AM: Freeman went 3-for-3 with a solo home... (9:34:54 PM)
Backdoor Sliders: where it says "Pick:"
Old School Brother: right of reconnect
Knucks: hmmmm
Oakmore Rockys: I also can't see who has drafted whom
Old School Brother: next to :
Knucks: hahaha kidding. thanks breh
White Noise drafted Correa, Carlos SS - HOU (9:35:18 PM)
over-nite sensation: i dont see the big draft button
Backdoor Sliders: click "Draft Picks/Results" near top right, and a new window will open with full draft grid
Oakmore Rockys: there is no big draft button
Knucks: love that. good stuff Sliders
Old School Brother: Which button shows us naked pics of Karabell?
Oakmore Rockys: it's what there aughtta be
NtD drafted Rizzo, Anthony 1B - CHC Mar 14, 7:00 PM: Rizzo is batting .333/.375/.593 through... (9:36:25 PM)
Backdoor Sliders: I'm watching Matthew Berry / midget-porn in the background...
The Great Knoche: Need to email JFOH for those.
Old Vin drafted Martinez, J.D. OF - BOS (9:36:39 PM)
Backdoor Sliders: fuck, got scooped x2...
Old School Brother: you could say, you got backdoor'd
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: hey-o!
No Use For A Name: lol
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: Try the veal!
Old School Brother: mooooooo
Backdoor Sliders drafted Ramírez, José 2B,3B - CLE (9:37:57 PM)
The Great Knoche: #shittacos
Fresh Meat drafted Votto, Joey 1B - CIN (9:38:14 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: Haha
The Great Knoche drafted Blackmon, Charlie OF - COL Mar 14, 2:20 PM: Blackmon may continue to bat leadoff... (9:38:30 PM)
Knucks drafted Springer, George OF - HOU (9:38:35 PM)
Oakmore Rockys drafted Scherzer, Max P - WAS Mar 14, 8:38 AM: Scherzer tossed five scoreless innings... (9:39:18 PM)
Oakmore Rockys: Yeah...that's right...I broke the SP seal
NtD: Shittacos!
The Great Knoche: Fuck the Joshua Tree
NtD: Nicely done. Needed that
Old School Brother drafted Bellinger, Cody 1B - LAD (9:40:25 PM)
over-nite sensation drafted Abreu, José 1B - CHW (9:41:21 PM)
Backdoor Sliders: oh, just saw the button where you can click for help, if you aren't sure who to take...
No Use For A Name drafted Judge, Aaron OF - NYY (9:41:53 PM)
Oakmore Rockys: it's a joke button. if you click it, it logs you off an freezes you system with an error message that says "you need a new hobby"
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects drafted Sale, Chris P - BOS (9:42:45 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects drafted Marte, Starling OF - PIT (9:43:43 PM)
No Use For A Name drafted Kluber, Corey P - CLE (9:43:59 PM)
Fresh Meat: wow that is early fo rmarte
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: Alright, I officially dont like 1st pick with people that know what the fuck they're doing
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: Well, I didn't like anyone else there and decided not to go SP/SP, so who would take?
over-nite sensation drafted Bregman, Alex 3B,SS - HOU Mar 15, 1:05 PM: Alex Bregman Having Solid Spring (9:44:48 PM)
The Great Knoche: Yeah those 22 picks of wait must be awful.
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: Trout/Sale
Oakmore Rockys: my six year old slapped his forehead and said "STARLING MARTE?"
White Noise: haha
The Great Knoche: Lol.
Backdoor Sliders: that's one sassy 6-yo!
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: debated Kluber heavy but I can't go SP/SP in RCL
Oakmore Rockys: oaktown kids are fantasy junkies
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: not taking a catcher
Old School Brother drafted Rendon, Anthony 3B - WAS (9:45:29 PM)
Oakmore Rockys drafted Sánchez, Gary C - NYY (9:45:39 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: Rendon was the only other thought
Knucks drafted Kershaw, Clayton P - LAD (9:45:50 PM)
Knucks: yea rendon was my target as well
The Great Knoche drafted Hoskins, Rhys 1B - PHI (9:46:14 PM)
Oakmore Rockys: I'm concerned about the low power numbers after Marte took the needle outta his ass
Fresh Meat drafted Gordon, Dee 2B - SEA (9:46:20 PM)
Knucks: wishing I went Oz
Oakmore Rockys: I got the best catcher and the best pitcher? mail me the trophy
Backdoor Sliders drafted Encarnacion, Edwin 1B - CLE (9:47:06 PM)
The Great Knoche: You Sir are the Anti-Razz. Which will probably work well in this league.
Old Vin drafted Ozuna, Marcell OF - STL Mar 14, 9:09 AM: Ozuna, who came into Tuesday's 11-4... (9:47:18 PM)
NtD drafted Donaldson, Josh 3B - TOR Shoulder - Day-to-Day Mar 15, 8:39 AM: Donaldson indicated Thursday his calf... (9:47:40 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: most drafts Jose Abreu is there for me at 24, not with you lot
The Great Knoche: I wanted him in 2nd as well.
White Noise drafted Dozier, Brian 2B - MIN (9:48:03 PM)
Oakmore Rockys: FCL is legendary for hey let's all not draft a pitcher
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: which is why I wasn't going to go SP/SP
NtD: This is the anti other draft I'm currently doing. Naturally.
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: Eh, Marte will be fine, I won't be hurting for SBs
White Noise drafted Syndergaard, Noah P - NYM Mar 14, 9:06 AM: Syndergaard allowed two runs (one... (9:49:08 PM)
Old Vin: Oh, SB is a category?
Old School Brother: 5x5
The Great Knoche: Vin. Lol.
NtD drafted Benintendi, Andrew OF - BOS (9:49:59 PM)
Old Vin drafted Upton, Justin OF - LAA (9:50:07 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: New this year Vin
Backdoor Sliders drafted Bumgarner, Madison P - SF (9:50:36 PM)
Old Vin: You should have mentioned it in a post
Fresh Meat drafted Strasburg, Stephen P - WAS (9:50:51 PM)
The Great Knoche drafted Yelich, Christian OF - MIL (9:51:05 PM)
Knucks drafted Schoop, Jonathan 2B - BAL (9:51:22 PM)
Oakmore Rockys drafted Jansen, Kenley P - LAD Mar 15, 3:32 PM: Jansen (hamstring) struck out one... (9:51:32 PM)
NtD: I love hating this draft every year. Makes the others seem so much easier
The Great Knoche: You just want to be first at everything Oak
Oakmore Rockys: and the best closer! It's literally like none of you have ever been a draft before
The Great Knoche: How's that kids forehead now?
Oakmore Rockys: sloped as ever
Old School Brother drafted deGrom, Jacob P - NYM (9:52:58 PM)
Backdoor Sliders: Mets -- they sure know how to break a pitcher!
Knucks: did I replace Cram as the resident sad Mets fan?
over-nite sensation drafted Carrasco, Carlos P - CLE (9:54:13 PM)
No Use For A Name drafted Cruz, Nelson UT - SEA Quadriceps - Day-to-Day Mar 14, 12:45 PM: Cruz is out for a few days with a Grade... (9:54:19 PM)
Old School Brother: theyve had such bad luck its bound to turn around
Backdoor Sliders:'s not luck, I'd say...
The Great Knoche: Gsellman for Cy Young.
Backdoor Sliders: drink for name-dropping!
The Great Knoche: Lugo
Backdoor Sliders: chug for hocking a Lugo!
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects drafted Kimbrel, Craig P - BOS Personal - Day-to-Day Mar 14, 7:26 AM: Kimbrel (personal) is set to throw a... (9:55:18 PM)
NtD: Ha I was gonna say it's all Lugos
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects drafted Davis, Khris OF - OAK (9:55:50 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: This is a 10 OF league, right?
The Great Knoche: Welcome to the 3 OF club.
No Use For A Name drafted Darvish, Yu P - CHC (9:57:12 PM)
over-nite sensation drafted Taylor, Chris 2B - LAD (9:58:10 PM)
Oakmore Rockys: I find myself year in and year out with drafts where 3 of my top 4 or five are OF. OF dries up surpisingly fast this year
Backdoor Sliders: oops! -- anyone wanna trade me OF, then?
The Great Knoche: Yeah, found that out in NFBC the hard way. Fucking Calhoun
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: In the first 10 rounds, there's about 30 OFs I want to draft
Old School Brother drafted Puig, Yasiel OF - LAD (9:59:23 PM)
Oakmore Rockys drafted Acuña Jr., Ronald OF - ATL Minor Leagues Mar 14, 9:27 AM: Acuna went 1-for-3 with a solo home run... (9:59:31 PM)
Knucks drafted Hosmer, Eric 1B - SD (9:59:36 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: there's one
The Great Knoche drafted Ray, Robbie P - ARI (10:00:13 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: Acuna's high so for is #47
Fresh Meat drafted Buxton, Byron OF - MIN (10:00:31 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: keeps climbing higher and higher
Oakmore Rockys: AND THE BEST ROOKIE...
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: unreal
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: we should just stop now
Oakmore Rockys: Drops mic
Backdoor Sliders drafted Severino, Luis P - NYY (10:01:02 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: haha
Oakmore Rockys: in order to attend to the burgers and tater tots
Old Vin drafted Murphy, Daniel 2B - WAS Knee - Day-to-Day Mar 15, 11:28 AM: Daniel Murphy Won't Be Pushed For Opening Day (10:01:17 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: mmm, tots
NtD drafted Seager, Corey SS - LAD Mar 15, 8:46 AM: The Dodgers renewed Seager's contract... (10:01:46 PM)
Old School Brother: severino there is nice
Backdoor Sliders: thanks. Puig would have been my choice, but...
White Noise drafted Pollock, A.J. OF - ARI (10:02:03 PM)
Old School Brother: i didnt have an OF yet
Backdoor Sliders: I still don't
White Noise drafted Chapman, Aroldis P - NYY (10:02:40 PM)
NtD drafted Knebel, Corey P - MIL (10:03:04 PM)
Old Vin drafted Hamilton, Billy OF - CIN (10:03:12 PM)
The Great Knoche: Shouldnt have told Vin about SB
Backdoor Sliders drafted Rivero, Felipe P - PIT (10:03:35 PM)
Old Vin: Ha
Fresh Meat drafted Osuna, Roberto P - TOR (10:03:53 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: Damn, he's onto it already
White Noise: let it begin!
The Great Knoche drafted Hand, Brad P - SD (10:04:11 PM)
The Great Knoche: I hate this league.
White Noise: YES
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: HAHAHAHA
Knucks drafted Cain, Lorenzo OF - MIL (10:04:29 PM)
Knucks: I'm not worried about saves, I'm sure i'll have issue beating anyone to the wire in this league
Oakmore Rockys drafted Devers, Rafael 3B - BOS (10:05:37 PM)
Fresh Meat: damn i wanted devers next
Old School Brother drafted Odor, Rougned 2B - TEX (10:06:33 PM)
NtD: Saves on the FCL wire is the silliest thing ever uttered
No Use For A Name: ODOR!
Knucks: haha
The Great Knoche: I think Ive won a single race for a closer in 3 years.
over-nite sensation drafted Allen, Cody P - CLE (10:07:33 PM)
Old School Brother: stink bomb
Knucks: Yea i straight up had Rivero, Hand, Osuna lined up and watched them dissapear before my eyes
No Use For A Name drafted Pham, Tommy OF - STL (10:08:00 PM)
Old School Brother: thats what we call roogie homers in arlington
Knucks: * slow tear
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects drafted Ohtani, Shohei (R) P - LAA Minor Leagues Mar 13, 12:05 PM: Ohtani will make his second start of... (10:09:00 PM)
Backdoor Sliders: okay, remind me: how will Ohtani work in this league?
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects drafted Shaw, Travis 3B - MIL (10:09:34 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: he goes both ways
Backdoor Sliders: ah, got it
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: AC/DC
No Use For A Name drafted Martínez, Carlos P - STL Mar 14, 9:02 AM: Martinez (1-0) allowed four runs (three... (10:10:01 PM)
over-nite sensation drafted Verlander, Justin P - HOU Mar 14, 6:57 PM: Verlander allowed three runs on eight... (10:10:10 PM)
Old School Brother: damnit no name
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: You can move him to UTIL when he's not starting
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: don't have him yet, so I wanted a share
The Great Knoche: At least he'll be eating up one of your bench spots most days.
Old School Brother drafted Nola, Aaron P - PHI (10:11:01 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: Just like any other starter though
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: if anything he saves a bench spot
The Great Knoche: Makes me feel better saying it my way.
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: haha
Backdoor Sliders: yeah, he's got some extra value in this format, assuming he's worth a damn at the plate
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: I'm not sure how much they'll hit him
Old School Brother: mike is kind of a dick manager
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: i've heard soooooo many different reviews
The Great Knoche: Everything I've been reading is he needs seasoning in minors if he want to hit
Oakmore Rockys drafted Greinke, Zack P - ARI Groin - Day-to-Day Mar 15, 1:00 PM: Greinke (groin) will likely push back... (Timer expired - player was auto-picked) (10:12:32 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: everything from 80 grade speed to high school hitter
The Great Knoche: Oaktown Auto Pick?
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: gotta flip them burgers
Knucks drafted Gallo, Joey 1B,3B - TEX (10:13:09 PM)
No Use For A Name: and the best DL stash!
Oakmore Rockys: I was watching my kid fling tater tots into his mouth with a plastic spoon catapult
The Great Knoche drafted Myers, Wil 1B - SD (10:13:48 PM)
Oakmore Rockys: The other thing this interface is a big flashing light that says "you're on the clock!!!"
Fresh Meat drafted Giles, Ken P - HOU (10:13:55 PM)
Backdoor Sliders drafted Sanó, Miguel 3B - MIN (10:14:03 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: It's got a freaking airhorn
Old Vin drafted Segura, Jean SS - SEA Hamstring - Day-to-Day Mar 15, 8:40 AM: Jean Segura, Ichiro Suzuki Expected To Be Fine (10:14:18 PM)
The Great Knoche: Airhorn. Turn the volume on
Old School Brother: hangin from the gallo's pole
Backdoor Sliders: ha ha! -- I love the Led Zep reference
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: that thing is obnoxious as hell
Oakmore Rockys: I got tremendous ADP value on the Greinke pick
Old School Brother: fuck ya backdoor
Backdoor Sliders: who, me? for Sano?
NtD drafted Archer, Chris P - TB Mar 15, 12:50 PM: Archer will start the Rays' Opening Day... (10:15:35 PM)
The Great Knoche: Thats Pulled Groin value right there!
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: for picking up the reference I believe
White Noise drafted Turner, Justin 3B - LAD (10:15:55 PM)
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: It was a "FUCK YA", not "FUCK YOU"
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: BIG difference
Backdoor Sliders: oh, I get it -- sorry, I'm primed for a fight I guess
Rube Waddell's Shiny Objects: Endorphin Slider!
The Great Knoche: It would be great if we could post the transcript from theis draft chat on razzball.

Re: Round 1: RCL vs Public League

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:37 pm
by Grey
Haha, awesome!