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Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 6:05 am
by VinWins
Tuesday, July 26

Kid A (Original Recipe 2016) ... sonId=2016

20/52 (.385) - 12 Runs/4 HR/14 RBI/2 SB

24.1 IP - 1 Win/21 K/1.48/0.95/1 Save

Daily Leaders
22 Hits: I Can Play-- Centerfield (ECFBL)
.432 Ave.: Adamantium General IV (Chicks Dig The Razzballing)
15 Runs: Slammers Slam (The Greatest)
8 HR: Team Daley (DeadPool)
18 RBI: Team Daley (DeadPool)
6 SB: HaveGuns WillTravel (Oscar's Gambling on this League), Team Pants (RCL FIPping the Bird 2016)

34 K: Muskogee Wharf Rats (Mortals Vs. Beddict)
3 Wins: Shulin Biltz (DeadPool), Pete Browning's Bats (ECFBL), Cosby's Cuddlers (RCL Razz), Long Balls (Take on the JayWrong #4)
4 Saves: Vanilla Manholes (Opening Day), Marte Par-Tay (Oscar's Gambling on this League), - Bo Knows - (Sultans of Swat)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:44 am
by VinWins
Wednesday, July 27

Midnight Ramblers (Be About Yo' Paper) ... sonId=2016

16/44 (.364) - 12 Runs/7 HR/19 RBI/1 SB

8.0 IP - 1 Win/8 K/0.00/0.63/1 Save

Daily Leaders
25 Hits: Buchard Black Sox (Sultans of Swat)
.512 Ave.: M@'s Second (The Second Greatest)
13 Runs: Diamond Dragons (Great Knocks), Team bollinger (That'll do Puig)
7 HR: Vinyl Ross (2016 Shades of Grey), Midnight Ramblers (Be About Yo' Paper), Team Lyon (Original Recipe 2016), Team Bastaich (South Side Titans), Team doormatts (Take on the JayWrong #4)
19 RBI: Midnight Ramblers (Be About Yo' Paper)
4 SB: Frank The Tank (Rosterbators Anonymous)

35 K: Vin Rocks (Summer of 69)
4 Wins: Channel 4 News Team (Take on the JayWrong #4)
4 Saves: Team Bender (All Summer Long), The Bryce is Wrong (JB's RCL), Team A (Rosterbators Anonymous), Archer Was Killing Me! (Talkin' Baseball)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 2:08 pm
by VinWins
Thursday, July 28

Balking Dead (All Summer Long) ... sonId=2016

9/27 (.333) - 7 Runs/4 HR/8 RBI/0 SB

21.1 IP - 1 Win/17 K/0.84/0.98/0 Saves

Daily Leaders
16 Hits: Cram It (DFSers Anonymous), El Macho Borracho (ECFBL), Montogmery Biscuits (FOHs Fantasy Funride), Case of the Goldschmidts (JB's RCL), Negative, I'm A Meat Popsicle (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts)
.524 Ave.: I Did It All For The Mookie (Opening Day)
12 Runs: Negative, I'm A Meat Popsicle (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts)
6 HR: Vindaloo Ross (RCL Lords of the Diamond)
12 RBI: Vindaloo Ross (RCL Lords of the Diamond)
4 SB: TN Achilles (Fountains of Ralph), Summah' Dawgs (Original Recipe 2016), TN Achilles (Stream or die!)

30 K: Dwight Gooden Plenty (Baba Booey), Team Sullivan (Summer of 69)
4 Wins: Sharknado Alley (Straight BESTBUY Homie)
4 Saves: Prague Defenestrators (Grey haired sack o balls)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:52 am
by VinWins
friday, July 29

Team mack (The Third Greatest) ... sonId=2016

20/49 (.408) - 11 Runs/4 HR/20 RBI/1 SB

14.1 IP - 1 Win/9 K/1.88/0.84/1 Save

Daily Leaders
23 Hits: Vin Lose or Draw (The Viz vs. The Commenters)
.512 Ave.: Girl Number Four (Nico Sux Dico)
15 Runs: Shoeless Joe (Riverboat Fantasy)
7 HR: CP Winos Albright's (
20 RBI: Team mack (The Third Greatest)
5 SB: The People's Champ (The Heat Is On)

24 K: Team McLeod (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts), FART BRAZIL (Straight BESTBUY Homie), ISLANDERS FAN BOBBY (Take on the Jaywrong 5), Charles In Charge (The Force Awakens)
3 Wins: Team Petsko (Effectively Hide my Thunder), Diamond Dragons (Great Knocks), Maggot Brain (My Church), Jobu's Rum (Take on the JayWrong 2), Team bollinger (That'll do Puig), Jets Dynasty (The Heat Is On), Ky. Christians (The Second Greatest)
3 Saves: Rudy is Booty (Baba Booey),
Pretty / Ugly (Matt Stairs' Fantasy Review),
Royal Flush (Myers Superfoods),
Cooperstown Dreams (Nico Sux Dico),
Don't Ignore The Balls (Play with FOH),
Vinny Hit And Run (Play with FOH),
Prospector Ralph (Prospecter Ralph's Cavern)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:00 am
by VinWins
Saturday, July 30

Bottoms Up (Razzamatazzberry League) ... sonId=2016

16/47 (.340) - 9 Runs/5 HR/13 RBI/1 SB

10.0 IP - 1 Win/11 K/1.80/0.60/1 Save

Daily Leaders
19 Hits: CronMaikels of Redd1ck (Albright's, Texas Hillbillys (S.A.G.N.O.F. A B@tch!)
.482 Ave.: Team PANCAKES (The Viz vs. The Commenters)
12 Runs: The Schmohawks (Original Recipe 2016), T 1000 (RCL 1000), Team Salter (Robust Herd), Griffey's Swing (S.A.G.N.O.F. A B@tch!)
6 HR: Rudy Gamble (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts)
14 RBI: Piazza del Griffey (Dropped Third Strike)
4 SB: Johnny Utahs (FCL), Rube Waddells Shiny Objects (Summer of 69), Brokebat Mountain (Talkin' Baseball)

38 K: Johnny Utahs (FCL)
3 Wins: Team morrison (All Summer Long), Taiwan Maddog (DeadPool), I Can Play-- Centerfield (ECFBL), Johnny Utahs (FCL), Team moore (RCL 1000), Johnny Utahs (Razzballero2)
3 Saves: Wiffleball Wizard 2 (Great Knocks),
Mauer? I barely even know her! (RCL 1000),
S'All Goooood, Man (Razzballero1),
Dusty BagTagger (Rosterbators Anonymous),
Vin and Jackie (Stream or die!),
Boggy Depot Winged Monkeys (Talkin' Baseball),
The Robot Maids (The Greatest)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:14 am
by VinWins
Sunday, July 31

Johnny Utahs (FCL) ... sonId=2016

12/43 (.279) - 8 Runs/5 HR/12 RBI/0 SB

29.2 IP - 2 Wins/33 K/1.52/1.18/1 Save

Daily Leaders
21 Hits: Creative Chaos (ECFBL), The Beastman (Night of the Living Zombinos)
.447 Ave.: Team mcwilliams (Razzball Lurkers)
17 Runs: Mordecai Brown Baggers (Oscar's Gambling on this League)
7 HR: Francis Farmers (Fountains of Ralph), Schenectady Seam Stitchers (Opening Day), The People's Champ (Play with FOH)
18 RBI: Francis Farmers (Fountains of Ralph), Yahoo DDD (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts)
5 SB: Team Riner (Riverboat Fantasy), The Kid (S.A.G.N.O.F. A B@tch!)

33 K: Johnny Utahs (FCL)
3 Wins: The Great Knoche (Play with FOH), HaveGuns WillTravel (Prospecter Ralph's Cavern), Big Magoo (Razzball 'Perty 'Perts)
4 Saves: Royal Flush (Myers Superfoods)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2016 7:20 am
by VinWins
Monday, August 1

Cram It (FCL) ... sonId=2016

16/53 (.302) - 12 Runs/6 HR/12 RBI/0 SB

15.1 IP - 1 Win/22 K/1.76/0.59/0 Saves

Daily Leaders
16 Hits: kumamoto banpeiyu (Diickin Around), Cram It (FCL), Up North2 (Muscle Car Fanatics)
.571 Ave.: The Life of Franco (Oscar's Gambling on this League)
12 Runs: kumamoto banpeiyu (Diickin Around), Cram It (FCL)
6 HR: Cram It (FCL), Vin and Jack Hate (Hey Ladies! Get Funky)
16 RBI: Vin and Jack Hate (Hey Ladies! Get Funky)
4 SB: Go West Young Dragon (Brave Frontier), Rock Ridge Express (Chicks Dig The Razzballing), Team Sullivan (Rosterbators Anonymous)

37 K: I.K.S. Rotarran (The Heat Is On)
4 Wins: Bar Breakers (Diickin Around)
2 Saves: Team Rogers,
Balking Tall,
Stinky Doo Doo,
Spalding Language!,
Royal Flush,
Team Emker,
Vin Raines,
Schoop - a - doop,
Adamantium General III,
@StatsR_ Us,
Team Rogers,
Team Wang

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:47 am
by VinWins
Tuesday, August 2

Rock Ridge Express (Chicks Dig The Razzballing) ... sonId=2016

25/48 (.521) - 18 Runs/6 HR/14 RBI/3 SB

8.0 IP - 1 Win/9 K/0.00/0.25/1 Save

Daily Leaders
26 Hits: Team Bromelia (Cougs R Us)
.559 Ave.: Andrew Family Tree (Original Recipe 2016)
18 Runs: Rock Ridge Express (Chicks Dig The Razzballing)
7 HR: Team barbis (Center Field), Calmer Than You Are (Dropped Third Strike)
18 RBI: Deuce Caboose (Be About Yo' Paper)
5 SB: Backdoor Sliders 1 (FCL)

39 K: Vinyl Ross (2016 Shades of Grey)
3 Wins: Vin Rolls, Florida Dude, AZ Dude, Vincible Ross, Cram It, Suck My Boomstick, The Great Knoche, Apollo Burning Stars, Jef With 1 F ., Capital Offense, Chicks Dig the Long Ball, Zika de La Frontera
3 Saves: 21 teams

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 6:48 am
by VinWins
Wednesday, August 3

The Last Baron (Albright's ... sonId=2016

20/42 (.476) - 13 Runs/8 HR/14 RBI/0 SB

12.2 IP - 0 Wins/14 K/2.84/1.03/0 Saves

Daily Leaders
21 Hits: The Boozgenie (Be About Yo' Paper)
.529 Ave.: Team james (Enemies of Beddict)
18 Runs: Team A-Roider (Dropped Third Strike)
8 HR: The Last Baron (Albright's
16 RBI: Team A-Roider (Dropped Third Strike), Team marvou (Mighty Minions)
4 SB: Vin and Angela, Chicago Mark, Johnny Utahs, Grow Up PeterPan, Ithaca Rage, Team goods, Team Wang, CARNE ASADA BURRITOS, Suicide Squad, AC Slater

37 K: Backdoor Sliders 1 (FCL), Roswell BoomStick (Play with FOH)
3 Wins: Vin and Jack Hate (Hey Ladies! Get Funky), Danger Zone (JB's RCL), Vinny Hit And Run (Play with FOH), Snork Juice (Razzballero2), ISLANDERS FAN BOBBY (Take on the Jaywrong 5), Vader's Fist (The Force Awakens)
3 Saves: Team Russell (Brave Frontier), What'syateam Gottadowitme? (Diickin Around), Odin's Virulent Man Beard (FCL), T 1000 (RCL 1000), Teamtown Teamers (Razzball Lurkers), Vin Rockies (Razzball Riverboat)

Re: 2016 Team of the Day

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2016 2:03 pm
by VinWins
Thursday, August 4

Calgary Cannons (Razzballero1) ... sonId=2016

16/44 (.364) - 8 Runs/4 HR/10 RBI/2 SB

6.2 IP - 1 Win/6 K/0.00/0.45/3 Saves

Daily Leaders
17 Hits: Rudy is Booty (Baba Booey), Team Frost (Cougs R Us), My Friggin Back Hurts (FCL), Francis Farmers (Fountains of Ralph)
.469 Ave.: Arizona Tumbleweeds (All Summer Long)
10 Runs: My Friggin Back Hurts (FCL)
7 HR: Team Gunn (The Third Greatest)
13 RBI: Cleveland Ball Eight (South Side Titans)
4 SB: Coffee is for Closers (Be About Yo' Paper), WAINWRONG WAYWRONG (Night of the Living Zombinos), Team Rogers (Stream or die!)

28 K: TEAM BROKEBACK III (Emasculating Throat Lozenges)
4 Wins: Concord Minutemen (Brave Frontier)
4 Saves: FIP U Guessed It (Smoke Show)