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Draft Results

Posted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:03 pm
by jmonte
Just got home from my mucho importante 12 Team 5x5 Roto Draft. (Standard Categoreis)
I had the 2nd Pick in the draft here are the results with the pick number
4 Res's

Grey looking for any comments/advice if any?

(2) A-Rod
(23) J Rollins
(26) F-Her
(47) J Votto
(50) M. Ramirez
(71) T. Hanson
(74) B. Zobrist
(95) A Dunn
(98) C Kershaw
(119) J Soria
(122) H Pence
(143) Bourbon neat pls
(146) I Stewart
(167) Garza
(170) J Bruce
(191) G Soto
(194) R. Ludwick
(215) J Frasor
(218) Assdribble Cabrera
(239) Ordonez (Maglio not Rey)
(242) Fausto Carmona (Def. a reach)
(263) M. Gonzalez
(266) Neftali Feliz
(287) M Latos (Res)
(290) Randy Wolf(Res)
(311) R Madson (Res)
(314) M Baumgarner (Res)

I feel like I need an upgraded closer, but what do i give up to get it?

Thx- Joe

Re: Draft Results

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 1:46 am
by arussell1983
dude. u took arod before hanram> mistake 1.
secondly. jroll at 2 is not good. best of luck to you there
way to early for f-her and wayyy too early for m ramirez (are u serious it is Manny?) not another m ramirez??

good picks with pence and garza.

love feliz if you can hold him long enough. you need some help