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Re: My First Draft...

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:56 pm
by cfrancis
Can you give me the first two rounds? I've seen Utley falling to the second round, anywhere from pick 15 to 23. I'm having a hard time believing that, even with the injury.
Round 1
1. Hanley Ramírez The NY Skankees
2. José Reyes Mr. Met
3. Albert Pujols HWKI4VR
4. Grady Sizemore Yankees27
5. David Wright Tewra
6. Miguel Cabrera thegreatbamb...
7. Mark Teixeira The A-Roids
8. Ryan Howard RodBeck's Do...
9. Evan Longoria Mets
10. Jimmy Rollins The Natural
11. Ryan Braun Old Skool
12. Carlos Beltrán Rick Roll
Round 2
1. Manny Ramírez Rick Roll
2. Johan Santana Old Skool
3. Tim Lincecum The Natural
4. Dustin Pedroia Mets
5. Chase Utley RodBeck's Do...
6. Álex Rodríguez The A-Roids
7. Ian Kinsler thegreatbamb...
8. Lance Berkman Tewra
9. CC Sabathia Yankees27
10. Josh Hamilton HWKI4VR
11. Cole Hamels Mr. Met
12. B.J. Upton The NY Skankees

I had a feeling that I got on the short bus at some point during this draft. These guys like pitching.
If they were wearing helmets and taking Pedroia before Utley, it was the short bus...