My First Draft...

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Re: My First Draft...

Postby cfrancis » Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:56 pm

Can you give me the first two rounds? I've seen Utley falling to the second round, anywhere from pick 15 to 23. I'm having a hard time believing that, even with the injury.
Round 1
1. Hanley Ramírez The NY Skankees
2. José Reyes Mr. Met
3. Albert Pujols HWKI4VR
4. Grady Sizemore Yankees27
5. David Wright Tewra
6. Miguel Cabrera thegreatbamb...
7. Mark Teixeira The A-Roids
8. Ryan Howard RodBeck's Do...
9. Evan Longoria Mets
10. Jimmy Rollins The Natural
11. Ryan Braun Old Skool
12. Carlos Beltrán Rick Roll
Round 2
1. Manny Ramírez Rick Roll
2. Johan Santana Old Skool
3. Tim Lincecum The Natural
4. Dustin Pedroia Mets
5. Chase Utley RodBeck's Do...
6. Álex Rodríguez The A-Roids
7. Ian Kinsler thegreatbamb...
8. Lance Berkman Tewra
9. CC Sabathia Yankees27
10. Josh Hamilton HWKI4VR
11. Cole Hamels Mr. Met
12. B.J. Upton The NY Skankees

I had a feeling that I got on the short bus at some point during this draft. These guys like pitching.
If they were wearing helmets and taking Pedroia before Utley, it was the short bus...

Whole Votto Love
10-team 5x5 Standard H2H
C Castro
1B C Davis
2B Phillips
3B Longoria
SS Peralta
OF x 3 J Upton, A Jones, McCutchen
Util x 2 Choo, D Brown
Bench Seager
DL A Jackson
P Zimmerman, Moore, Cobb, Peavy, Ryu, Liriano, Straily
RP Wilhelmsen, Mujica, K-Rod, Jansen
DL Henderson, Beachy

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