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Postby Headbustaz » Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:56 pm

Drafted 1st 10 on offense again. This time did not fall asleep with the 1st pick. Could have taken Ellsbury he fell but had enough speed so I took Dunn. Pitching staff looks good. Waited on catchers and punted on clsoers a bit. Looks pretty good. Dempster fell so I grabbed him late. Would have waited on catcher longer but Shoppach was there in the 19th. Any thoughts?

Final Roster
Pos Name Team Pick
C Kelly Shoppach CLE R19 P4 Comment
C Jarrod Saltalamaccia TEX R22 P7 Comment
1B Adrian Gonzalez SD R4 P7 Comment
1B Adam LaRoche PIT R23 P4 Comment
2B Chase Utley PHI R2 P7 Comment
2B Placido Polanco DET R21 P4 Comment
SS Derek Jeter NYY R10 P7 Comment
3B David Wright NYM R1 P4 Comment
OF Carlos Beltran NYM R3 P4 Comment
OF Shane Victorino PHI R5 P4 Comment
OF Nate McLouth PIT R6 P7 Comment
OF Adam Dunn ARI R7 P4 Comment
OF Jermaine Dye CHW R8 P7 Comment
OF Raul Ibanez PHI R9 P4 Comment
SP Carlos Zambrano CHC R11 P4 Comment
SP Adam Wainwright STL R12 P7 Comment
SP Ricky Nolasco FLA R13 P4 Comment
SP Jered Weaver ANA R14 P7 Comment
SP Matt Garza TB R15 P4 Comment
SP Josh Johnson FLA R16 P7 Comment
SP Ryan Dempster CHC R17 P4 Comment
RP Huston Street COL R18 P7 Comment
RP Mike Gonzalez ATL R20 P7 Comment

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Postby BigFatHippo » Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:51 pm

That's the best mock team I've seen yet. Could I buy this team from you?

Especially like the way it started, Wright, Utley, Beltran, A Gonz, Victorino, Mclouth, wow. This makes a serious case for punting closers all together, nicely done.
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10 team Roto

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Postby Steve » Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:05 pm

Like Hippo said, great-looking team.

Was it a 10-team or 12-team? And all 'live' drafters?
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Postby Headbustaz » Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:10 pm

10 Team. Live Drafters.

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Postby Headbustaz » Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:15 pm

Here is the entire draft as it unfolded. I think darfting offense for the first 10 picks has some merit.

Draft Results
Legend:Your PicksCurrent PickRound Team Player Pos Team Pick Time
R1 P1 tire belly Ramirez, Hanley SS FLA 6s
R1 P2 ruff muffs Pujols, Albert 1B STL 6s
R1 P3 mojo rising Rodriguez, Alex 3B NYY 6s
R1 P4 drafting hungover Wright, David 3B NYM 5s
R1 P5 Captain America Reyes, Jose SS NYM AutoSelect
R1 P6 slumpbuster Sizemore, Grady OF CLE 5s
R1 P7 lindy boys Rollins, Jimmy SS PHI 15s
R1 P8 Enormous Gentiles Braun, Ryan OF MIL 45s
R1 P9 trojans Cabrera, Miguel 1B DET AutoSelect
R1 P10 Be Jealous! Kinsler, Ian 2B TEX 8s

R2 P1 Be Jealous! Hamilton, Josh OF TEX 11s
R2 P2 trojans Holliday, Matt OF OAK AutoSelect
R2 P3 Enormous Gentiles Howard, Ryan 1B PHI 8s
R2 P4 lindy boys Teixeira, Mark 1B NYY 49s
R2 P5 slumpbuster Berkman, Lance 1B HOU 5s
R2 P6 Captain America Upton, B.J. OF TB AutoSelect
R2 P7 drafting hungover Utley, Chase 2B PHI 4s
R2 P8 mojo rising Morneau, Justin 1B MIN 21s
R2 P9 ruff muffs Longoria, Evan 3B TB 8s
R2 P10 tire belly Lee, Carlos OF HOU 10s

R3 P1 tire belly Soriano, Alfonso OF CHC 15s
R3 P2 ruff muffs Ramirez, Manny OF LA 13s
R3 P3 mojo rising Fielder, Prince 1B MIL 31s
R3 P4 drafting hungover Beltran, Carlos OF NYM 11s
R3 P5 Captain America Santana, Johan SP NYM AutoSelect
R3 P6 slumpbuster Quentin, Carlos OF CHW 4s
R3 P7 lindy boys Phillips, Brandon 2B CIN 52s
R3 P8 Enormous Gentiles Markakis, Nick OF BAL 29s
R3 P9 trojans Pedroia, Dustin 2B BOS 3s
R3 P10 Be Jealous! Bay, Jason OF BOS 7s

R4 P1 Be Jealous! Mauer, Joe C MIN 13s
R4 P2 trojans Guerrero, Vladimir OF ANA 4s
R4 P3 Enormous Gentiles Kemp, Matt OF LA 17s
R4 P4 lindy boys Crawford, Carl OF TB 47s
R4 P5 slumpbuster Ramirez, Aramis 3B CHC 5s
R4 P6 Captain America Suzuki, Ichiro OF SEA AutoSelect
R4 P7 drafting hungover Gonzalez, Adrian 1B SD 15s
R4 P8 mojo rising Lincecum, Tim SP SF 10s
R4 P9 ruff muffs Sabathia, CC SP NYY 36s
R4 P10 tire belly Roberts, Brian 2B BAL 17s

R5 P1 tire belly McCann, Brian C ATL 58s
R5 P2 ruff muffs Rios, Alex OF TOR 40s
R5 P3 mojo rising Granderson, Curtis OF DET 9s
R5 P4 drafting hungover Victorino, Shane OF PHI 23s
R5 P5 Captain America Martin, Russell C LA AutoSelect
R5 P6 slumpbuster Webb, Brandon SP ARI 4s
R5 P7 lindy boys Halladay, Roy SP TOR 1m
R5 P8 Enormous Gentiles Youkilis, Kevin 1B, 3B BOS 4s
R5 P9 trojans Ordonez, Magglio OF DET 13s
R5 P10 Be Jealous! Peralta, Jhonny SS CLE 17s

R6 P1 Be Jealous! Davis, Chris 1B, 3B TEX 10s
R6 P2 trojans Soto, Geovany C CHC 5s
R6 P3 Enormous Gentiles Ramirez, Alexei 2B CHW 10s
R6 P4 lindy boys Ortiz, David DH BOS 21s
R6 P5 slumpbuster Papelbon, Jonathan RP BOS 19s
R6 P6 Captain America Hamels, Cole SP PHI AutoSelect
R6 P7 drafting hungover McLouth, Nate OF PIT 16s
R6 P8 mojo rising Hart, Corey OF MIL 25s
R6 P9 ruff muffs Peavy, Jake SP SD 6s
R6 P10 tire belly Jones, Chipper 3B ATL 9s

R7 P1 tire belly Furcal, Rafael SS LA 41s
R7 P2 ruff muffs Haren, Dan SP ARI 11s
R7 P3 mojo rising Lidge, Brad RP PHI 6s
R7 P4 drafting hungover Dunn, Adam OF ARI 59s
R7 P5 Captain America Abreu, Bobby OF NYY AutoSelect
R7 P6 slumpbuster Ellsbury, Jacoby OF BOS 4s
R7 P7 lindy boys Atkins, Garrett 3B, 1B COL 1m
R7 P8 Enormous Gentiles Uggla, Dan 2B FLA 13s
R7 P9 trojans Liriano, Francisco SP MIN 6s
R7 P10 Be Jealous! Matsuzaka, Daisuke SP BOS 5s

R8 P1 Be Jealous! Lee, Cliff SP CLE 6s
R8 P2 trojans Votto, Joey 1B CIN 4s
R8 P3 Enormous Gentiles Shields, James SP TB 41s
R8 P4 lindy boys Beckett, Josh SP BOS 8s
R8 P5 slumpbuster Kazmir, Scott SP TB 14s
R8 P6 Captain America Pena, Carlos 1B TB AutoSelect
R8 P7 drafting hungover Dye, Jermaine OF CHW 10s
R8 P8 mojo rising Cano, Robinson 2B NYY 6s
R8 P9 ruff muffs Nathan, Joe RP MIN 21s
R8 P10 tire belly Lee, Derrek 1B CHC 12s

R9 P1 tire belly Rodriguez, Francisco RP NYM 47s
R9 P2 ruff muffs Ludwick, Ryan OF STL 26s
R9 P3 mojo rising Oswalt, Roy SP HOU 7s
R9 P4 drafting hungover Ibanez, Raul OF PHI 13s
R9 P5 Captain America Figgins, Chone 3B ANA AutoSelect
R9 P6 slumpbuster Wells, Vernon OF TOR 4s
R9 P7 lindy boys Martinez, Victor C CLE 13s
R9 P8 Enormous Gentiles Billingsley, Chad SP LA 5s
R9 P9 trojans Santana, Ervin SP ANA 16s
R9 P10 Be Jealous! Lester, Jon SP BOS 15s

R10 P1 Be Jealous! Huff, Aubrey 3B, 1B BAL 20s
R10 P2 trojans Drew, Stephen SS ARI 5s
R10 P3 Enormous Gentiles Tulowitzki, Troy SS COL 18s
R10 P4 lindy boys Rivera, Mariano RP NYY 9s
R10 P5 slumpbuster Hardy, J.J. SS MIL 4s
R10 P6 Captain America Young, Michael SS TEX AutoSelect
R10 P7 drafting hungover Jeter, Derek SS NYY 8s
R10 P8 mojo rising Pence, Hunter OF HOU 8s
R10 P9 ruff muffs Soria, Joakim RP KC 15s
R10 P10 tire belly Lackey, John SP ANA 9s

R11 P1 tire belly Hunter, Torii OF ANA 31s
R11 P2 ruff muffs Hernandez, Felix SP SEA 21s
R11 P3 mojo rising Zimmerman, Ryan 3B WAS 15s
R11 P4 drafting hungover Zambrano, Carlos SP CHC 5s
R11 P5 Captain America Loney, James 1B LA AutoSelect
R11 P6 slumpbuster Gallardo, Yovani SP MIL 5s
R11 P7 lindy boys Burnett, A.J. SP NYY 15s
R11 P8 Enormous Gentiles Delgado, Carlos 1B NYM 29s
R11 P9 trojans Harden, Rich SP CHC 11s
R11 P10 Be Jealous! Chamberlain, Joba RP NYY 12s

R12 P1 Be Jealous! Price, David RP TB 6s
R12 P2 trojans Valverde, Jose RP HOU 28s
R12 P3 Enormous Gentiles Bruce, Jay OF CIN 21s
R12 P4 lindy boys Damon, Johnny OF NYY 40s
R12 P5 slumpbuster Broxton, Jonathan RP LA 6s
R12 P6 Captain America Jenks, Bobby RP CHW AutoSelect
R12 P7 drafting hungover Wainwright, Adam SP STL 3s
R12 P8 mojo rising Tejada, Miguel SS HOU 6s
R12 P9 ruff muffs Volquez, Edinson SP CIN 27s
R12 P10 tire belly Ethier, Andre OF LA 7s

R13 P1 tire belly Milledge, Lastings OF WAS 18s
R13 P2 ruff muffs Wieters, Matt C BAL 43s
R13 P3 mojo rising Ryan, B.J. RP TOR 12s
R13 P4 drafting hungover Nolasco, Ricky SP FLA 5s
R13 P5 Captain America Encarnacion, Edwin 3B CIN AutoSelect
R13 P6 slumpbuster Doumit, Ryan C PIT 6s
R13 P7 lindy boys Cruz, Nelson OF TEX Predrafted
R13 P8 Enormous Gentiles Marmol, Carlos RP CHC 6s
R13 P9 trojans Greinke, Zack SP KC 21s
R13 P10 Be Jealous! Kendrick, Howie 2B ANA 17s

R14 P1 Be Jealous! Jones, Adam OF BAL 3s
R14 P2 trojans Hawpe, Brad OF COL 5s
R14 P3 Enormous Gentiles Cordero, Francisco RP CIN 43s
R14 P4 lindy boys Fuentes, Brian RP ANA 7s
R14 P5 slumpbuster Thome, Jim DH CHW 4s
R14 P6 Captain America Young, Chris OF ARI AutoSelect
R14 P7 drafting hungover Weaver, Jered SP ANA 12s
R14 P8 mojo rising Nady, Xavier OF NYY 18s
R14 P9 ruff muffs Vazquez, Javier SP ATL 32s
R14 P10 tire belly Capps, Matt RP PIT 10s

R15 P1 tire belly Wood, Kerry RP CLE 16s
R15 P2 ruff muffs Cantu, Jorge 3B, 1B FLA 14s
R15 P3 mojo rising Cain, Matt SP SF 6s
R15 P4 drafting hungover Garza, Matt SP TB 51s
R15 P5 Captain America Verlander, Justin SP DET AutoSelect
R15 P6 slumpbuster Danks, John SP CHW 16s
R15 P7 lindy boys Jackson, Conor OF, 1B ARI 40s
R15 P8 Enormous Gentiles Taveras, Willy OF CIN 14s
R15 P9 trojans Beltre, Adrian 3B SEA 4s
R15 P10 Be Jealous! Burrell, Pat OF TB 14s

R16 P1 Be Jealous! Gordon, Alex 3B KC 8s
R16 P2 trojans Bradley, Milton OF CHC 3s
R16 P3 Enormous Gentiles Napoli, Mike C ANA 5s
R16 P4 lindy boys Wang, Chien-Ming SP NYY 35s
R16 P5 slumpbuster Werth, Jayson OF PHI 6s
R16 P6 Captain America Sheets, Ben SP MIL AutoSelect
R16 P7 drafting hungover Johnson, Josh SP FLA 31s
R16 P8 mojo rising Molina, Bengie C SF 9s
R16 P9 ruff muffs Aviles, Mike SS, 2B KC 15s
R16 P10 tire belly Slowey, Kevin SP MIN 5s

R17 P1 tire belly Baker, Scott SP MIN 4s
R17 P2 ruff muffs Lopez, Jose 2B SEA 4s
R17 P3 mojo rising Span, Denard OF MIN 9s
R17 P4 drafting hungover Dempster, Ryan SP CHC 32s
R17 P5 Captain America Floyd, Gavin SP CHW AutoSelect
R17 P6 slumpbuster Scherzer, Max RP ARI 4s
R17 P7 lindy boys Myers, Brett SP PHI 51s
R17 P8 Enormous Gentiles Hoffman, Trevor RP MIL 8s
R17 P9 trojans Wilson, Brian RP SF 4s
R17 P10 Be Jealous! Ziegler, Brad RP OAK 8s

R18 P1 Be Jealous! Clement, Jeff C SEA 5s
R18 P2 trojans Bell, Heath RP SD 3s
R18 P3 Enormous Gentiles Johnson, Randy SP SF 22s
R18 P4 lindy boys Ankiel, Rick OF STL 32s
R18 P5 slumpbuster DeRosa, Mark 2B, 3B, OF CLE 4s
R18 P6 Captain America Iannetta, Chris C COL AutoSelect
R18 P7 drafting hungover Street, Huston RP COL 15s
R18 P8 mojo rising Young, Chris SP SD 9s
R18 P9 ruff muffs Hanson, Tommy RP ATL 35s
R18 P10 tire belly Lowe, Derek SP ATL 13s

R19 P1 tire belly Konerko, Paul 1B CHW 12s
R19 P2 ruff muffs Sandoval, Pablo 1B SF 28s
R19 P3 mojo rising Lindstrom, Matt RP FLA 7s
R19 P4 drafting hungover Shoppach, Kelly C CLE 18s
R19 P5 Captain America Byrnes, Eric OF ARI AutoSelect
R19 P6 slumpbuster Harang, Aaron SP CIN 6s
R19 P7 lindy boys Blalock, Hank 1B, 3B TEX 46s
R19 P8 Enormous Gentiles Lilly, Ted SP CHC 2s
R19 P9 trojans Bedard, Erik SP SEA 5s
R19 P10 Be Jealous! Morales, Kendry OF ANA 15s

R20 P1 Be Jealous! Smoltz, John SP BOS 33s
R20 P2 trojans Jacobs, Mike 1B KC 6s
R20 P3 Enormous Gentiles Devine, Joey RP OAK 3s
R20 P4 lindy boys Johnson, Kelly 2B ATL 52s
R20 P5 slumpbuster Guillen, Carlos 3B, 1B DET 6s
R20 P6 Captain America Cook, Aaron SP COL AutoSelect
R20 P7 drafting hungover Gonzalez, Mike RP ATL 19s
R20 P8 mojo rising Cabrera, Orlando SS CHW 4s
R20 P9 ruff muffs Upton, Justin OF ARI 24s
R20 P10 tire belly Cueto, Johnny SP CIN 6s

R21 P1 tire belly Wheeler, Dan RP TB 4s
R21 P2 ruff muffs Choo, Shin-Soo OF CLE 3s
R21 P3 mojo rising Jurrjens, Jair SP ATL 24s
R21 P4 drafting hungover Polanco, Placido 2B DET 48s
R21 P5 Captain America Matsui, Kaz 2B HOU AutoSelect
R21 P6 slumpbuster Hernandez, Ramon C CIN 11s
R21 P7 lindy boys Pelfrey, Mike SP NYM 47s
R21 P8 Enormous Gentiles Posada, Jorge C NYY 8s
R21 P9 trojans Pierzynski, A.J. C CHW Predrafted
R21 P10 Be Jealous! Arredondo, Jose RP ANA 8s

R22 P1 Be Jealous! Young, Delmon OF MIN 24s
R22 P2 trojans Guthrie, Jeremy SP BAL Predrafted
R22 P3 Enormous Gentiles Pierre, Juan OF LA 23s
R22 P4 lindy boys Maine, John SP NYM 58s
R22 P5 slumpbuster Francisco, Frank RP TEX 5s
R22 P6 Captain America Saunders, Joe SP ANA AutoSelect
R22 P7 drafting hungover Saltalamaccia, Jarrod C TEX 8s
R22 P8 mojo rising Duchscherer, Justin SP OAK 6s
R22 P9 ruff muffs Escobar, Yunel SS ATL AutoSelect
R22 P10 tire belly DeJesus, David OF KC 3s

R23 P1 tire belly Laird, Gerald C DET 4s
R23 P2 ruff muffs Suzuki, Kurt C OAK AutoSelect
R23 P3 mojo rising Snyder, Chris C ARI 4s
R23 P4 drafting hungover LaRoche, Adam 1B PIT 6s
R23 P5 Captain America Olsen, Scott SP WAS AutoSelect
R23 P6 slumpbuster Casilla, Alexi 2B MIN 4s
R23 P7 lindy boys Varitek, Jason C BOS 7s
R23 P8 Enormous Gentiles Jimenez, Ubaldo SP COL 11s
R23 P9 trojans Theriot, Ryan SS CHC Predrafted
R23 P10 Be Jealous! Sherrill, George RP BAL 4s

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