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Trade for Ike Davis

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:18 am
by bravo0919
14 team H2H league - 3OF 1 Utility No CI / MI / 1 catcher.

each team can keep 3 players drafted after rd 7 for up to 3 three years. (one most be a hitter or pitcher)

My keepers: Baustista - Castro - CJ Wilson (ugh)

I acquire Ike Davis and pick 82 (6th rd) for my 4th rd (53)

Fun fact - you can trade draft players for draft picks and I picked up pick 43 and 45 (4th rders) in addition to my picks. I have the best advantage in this part.

Issue other 1B keepers: Goldschidmt - Posey - Freeman - Trumbo - Edwin Encaracion

By my 2nd rd pick I would guess Votto - Pujolos - Fielder - A Gonzalez gone

My concern: 1B goes fast and furious in this league and I am leaning towards Cano @ pick 4 (trout a keeper)

Re: Trade for Ike Davis

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:35 am
by BluePulaski
What about Billy Butler, Allen Craig, Joe Mauer, Carlos Santana?

I would be looking at Eric Hosmer and Anthony Rizzo too...can add a guy like Todd Fazier (1B/3B) or Brandon Belt as a utility 1B bat in later rounds.

Bottom line, I would rather have the earlier pick and and take a chance on someone else, other than Ike Davis.

You can always take the value pick at number 53 and work a trade for Ike Davis (or someone else later).

I think Ike Davis will have a better year than last season (can't get much worse) but he's not a sure thing to provide consistency. I think you will have other options who could perform at par or better than Ike Davis. If this other owner has Ike Davis and is stuck with him, then there should be at least one decent 1B available.