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$250 Playoff Fantasy Football League

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:16 pm
by gfriley
Sent the below email to the teams in my 9 football leagues. If you are looking for a playoff fantasy league email me at

I know its only a few days away but Im going to start a Playoff Fantasy Football league or two. Using for the site. We will still hold the money in Leaguesafe. If you want in the league send me your email to and I’ll send you an invite. Also let me know if you would like to do more than one league. You can also go to to check out the rules for the playoff leagues before you decide to join the league if you want. Im using the standard settings. Don’t think you can change them anyway 

These will be a $250 leagues. I will probably cap the league at 15 teams per league. Just depends on the interest. Will still run leagues with 8 to 10 teams also. Payment must be in before the start of the first game to be eligible for the prizes

Payout structure will depend on number of teams but we will use these percentages 

8 to 10 teams 

1st = 60% 
2nd = 25% 
3rd = 15% 

11 to 15 teams 

1st = 50% 
2nd = 25% 
3rd = 15% 
4th = 10% 

Also if for some reason you pay and we don’t get a league filled I found a section in Leaguesafe where I can delete the league and Leaguesafe will do automatic refunds. So you wont have to request a refund if we didn’t fill al league for some reason. I think we can fill one for sure if not two.