16 team dynasty football (brand new) needs last owner fantrax

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16 team dynasty football (brand new) needs last owner fantrax

Postby goodfold2 » Wed Aug 10, 2016 6:12 pm

ok, i've posted this same thing before, had one owner pull out (at least i find out early, whew), it's a PPR with these roster slots (S = starter, max is roster max). in fantrax.
QB S = 1, max = 3 (we have a specific rule about hoarding, explained in full in league, so all 16 owners can compete all the time)
RB S = 2, max 4
WR S =3, max 6
TE S = 1, max 3
we have 1 flex RB/WR/TE
it's also a medium depth (or shallow) IDP, NOT big play league (i.e. tackles are half of TO's). most scoring standard, 4 pts for QB thrown TD, 6 for rushed/caught TD, .1 pts per rushed/reception yds etc.
DL S =2, max =3
DB S = 2, max = 3
LB S = 2, max = 3
K S = 1, max =2
team D S = 1, max = 2
league is different than most in that you pick a real life NFL team to name your team after, at all times have to have 7 minimum players from real life team (leeway time given in events of real life trades), 24 total roster spots. also have INFINITE RES/IR slots (but you can't add injured players off FA, but can of course draft them). for this year we'll use ADP's for which round you get to keep your players from the team of your name (so PIT gets a.brown, but has to spend a 1st rounder on him). everyone can keep as many players as they want. in future years it's just backloaded keep as many as you want. 15 teams taken already are: ARI, ATL, NE, BUF, DAL, DEN, MIA, IND, GB, JAX, PIT, NYG, OAK, SEA, WAS, the other 17 NFL teams are open for the last owner. i had a guy who asked about his in one of my leagues, but i don't remember which guy. all rounds owners don't have keepers in this year are drafted in standard random order snake draft. draft will be right near the start of NFL season, so close to september 8th.
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Re: 16 team dynasty football (brand new) needs last owner fantrax

Postby jaywrong » Thu Aug 18, 2016 9:43 am

Hey fold,

Just wanted to make sure, this q seems familiar, did I answer this one on the site?
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