Roddy White value ROS

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Roddy White value ROS

Postby EEE256 » Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:18 pm

What's his value going forward? I've been getting a bunch of buy low offers but i keep thinking he'll eventually be the Roddy White of old so i'm holding...yet, all i hear is his ankle may linger multiple weeks. He sustained it in week 2 of the pre-season, so even if it was a severe 6 week high ankle injury, he's gotta be getting close to 100% right?...I know it's only week 3, but do i consider trading this guy? Some offers i've been receiving:

1. R. White for Steve Smith
2. R. White for Decker
3. R. White for Stafford, Starks and Julius Thomas

My team got beat up with injuries in week 2 (Rice, Lacy and V. Davis) but the panic button hasn't been hit yet (but i am sweating a little). Any input on if i should make a move and the ROS outlook for Roddy White would be much appreciated. Thanks

10 team, standard scoring, no PPR, no TE (they count as WR, start 3), no flex, non keeper

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BN: E. Manning
BN: E. Lacy
BN: Mendenhall
BN: Moreno
BN: Pierce
BN: R. White (ankle)
BN: J. Cameran
BN: M. Williams (TB)

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Re: Roddy White value ROS

Postby Sky » Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:50 pm

#3 is good value if you need an upgrade at TE/QB and a possible starting RB but I'm not selling low like the other two offers.
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