ESPN features...

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ESPN features...

Postby cws05nuts » Thu May 07, 2009 6:08 pm

The worldwide suckfest I feel puts out a quality product in terms of interface and free live scoring. Hey it's like free food which always tastes so damn good!

Outside of the fantasy content, which is laughable at best most often, there are a few features I would like to see them add. i would like a bank of players that you can watch or flag(yahooish). I would like to see them add a farm/minor league feature. And maybe this is just a fantasy for fantasy, but an option to get updates on who is starting either via the email or text that serves a) as a reminder to check and b) as a way to kill 10 more minutes of the day. I'll probably think of more but that's it for now.

Oh yeah, and it would be nice if they actually tagged news stories with sources for credibility but also cite other news sources that they plagarize and/or paraphrase.... But that goes beyond fantasy into the realm of Disney's program for journalistic integrity.
thanks for reading, cws05nuts
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Re: ESPN features...

Postby Grey » Thu May 07, 2009 6:36 pm

The last one really bugs me. It's like SI breaks the A-Rod story then ESPN says "Sources say A-Rod took steroids." Nope, wasn't sources. Was SI.
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