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Long-term 24 Team Dynasty League with Openings

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2020 2:30 pm
by wcs24
Looking to find up to 4 new owners for a 24-team dynasty league. New owners would be replacing owners who were lower in activity than the other owners preferred but largely had decent teams.

League is free and hosted on CBS.

Points based with salary caps. Can keep whomever you can fit under the off-season cap.

Rosters are 15 ML, 10 reserves and 15 minors. Minors can be kept as reserves. A knowledge of minor leaguers is required

Draft each year consists of the previous years MLB draft, international signees and whomever is dropped due to cap constraints. Draft is 5 rounds and will take place on March 15th.

Owners will be expected to join a FB chat with all other owners which they preferably will be active in to discuss baseball and other things and actively respond to trades with feedback or reasoning for counters and rejections