Replacement Keeper Mgr Sought: Minor System Included

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Replacement Keeper Mgr Sought: Minor System Included

Postby backbackbackgone20 » Fri Jul 09, 2010 4:21 pm


I play in a very solid keeper league with very active managers and great personalities. We use a typical scoring platform like Yahoo (although we are considering a move next year) and compliment the scoring system through a year round website that hosts our discussion, minor rosters and general league forum. We are seeking a competent baseball manager that has experience playing with minor league players and managing in a group of players that have high baseball intelligence. Interested candidates must be active year round and bring some personality flavor to the league. If interested, send your inquiry to I'll get back to you from there.

General League Settings:

* 6x6 roto scoring with holds/obp
* 16 manager league
* Keep 8 year to year with a 9th slot for developing a minor league player that exceeds their limitations
* Minor system of 20 players per team, with a 5 man draft each year of new signees/international players.
* Core team you would inherit includes CC, Felix, Verlander, Broxton, Crawford, Reynolds, Morales, Granderson

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