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Dropkicking Murphy

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 1:09 pm
by LadyScorpio
Hi Grey!

I'm back and since my last inquiry to you, I've moved from 10th place up to 7th in my 10 team, roto, 6x6, keeper, saves+holds league...yay! STILL NOT where I wanna be, but I'm fighting for 1st with ALL my might! Anyway, last time, you said that you were "worried about (Daniel) Murphy." Well, so am I! He and Travis Shaw have been immense busts so far this season...and sadly, I drafted BOTH of them!! However, I do have Nicky Lopez (2b, SS), so there's a light somewhere...kinda, right? I want to insert Lopez into 2B, then move Tatis into SS when he returns this week. Do you think that's a wise move?

My current squad...

C - J. McCann
1B - Rizzo
2B - Murphy
SS - N. Lopez
3B - Machado
CI - A. Riley
MI - McNeil
OF - Acuña, Dahl Pederson & Trout
U - H. Dozier & Voit
IL - Andujar, Eloy & Tatis (I'm aware that Andujar is out for the ROS and that Eloy returns today; need to address 2B 1st!)
SP - Beiber, Boyd, C. Martin, ERod, Turnbull, Soroka & Weaver
RP - Colomè, Neris, Pressly, Smith & Treinen
NA - F. Whitley

In desperation to move up the standings, I grabbed EVERY prospect that I could that was called up!!! So far, Riley has paid big dividends; dropped O. Mercado cause he's only being started vs lefties..go figure!? Please advise.

Thank you for ALL your help this season!

Re: Dropkicking Murphy

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 9:18 am
by Grey
I'd want Murphy for his home games if nothing else