Gotta name my keepers by midnight, help appreciated!

Who to start, who to bench. Grab that WW guy? Low priced rookie or high priced stud?
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Gotta name my keepers by midnight, help appreciated!

Postby BigSeph » Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:05 pm

Yahoo 10-team league, here was my roster as of a week ago (we can keep 3 batters, 3 pitchers, and then the 7th keeper can be either)-

Matt Carpenter
Alex Gordon
Khris Davis
Brett Lawrie

AJ Burnett
Ricky Nolasco

<and some filler RPs and other various starters>

I could have kept Braun/Stanton/Puig but that would have meant I didn't keep Upton/Hosmer/Carpenter/Segura. So I traded with the Mike Trout owner, and sent Braun/Upton/Segura/Verlander for Trout (that owner had awful keepers).

So now it looks like I have Stanton/Puig/Trout/Hosmer as keepers, and the first overall pick.

My pitching keepers went from pretty good to pretty shaky in the process. Another owner has offered me Machado+Homer Bailey for Stanton.

The million dollar question is- do I roll into the season with Puig/Trout/Machado/Hosmer and JoFer/Teheran/Bailey or do I roll in with Puig/Trout/Stanton/Hosmer and JoFer/Teheran/Buchholz?

This is a H2H keeper league with 3 OF slots, 2 UTIL slots, and no CI/MI slots.

Is Machado+Bailey (and I could keep both) > Stanton? I've had Stanton the past 4 years, he's been pissing me off the last couple of them with his injuries and inconsistency in h2h.

All decent 3B in our league are kept by other owners, the top of the list would be starting somewhere around Sandoval/Carpenter for available 3Bs.

All replies are appreciated and adored.

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Re: Gotta name my keepers by midnight, help appreciated!

Postby jreason11 » Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:21 pm

Great first trade, obviously an overpay, but great to maximize keepers. I think I'd stay put. Rather have stanton's power and punt that last keeper. Pitching is deep and you can rebound with a good draft. Having JoFer and T is a great start anyways.

If thats not your style, the trade could be fine- I just dont think Machado/Bailey is enough for Stanton.

12 team 6 keeper.

1B- Goldschmidt
OF- Bautista
OF- Bruce
OF- Rios
OF- Puig
UTIL- Longoria

Bench: Pujols,

SP- Harvey, Miller, Samardzija, Cole

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